Sticky Resizing images for Gallery, attachments and avatars

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    • Resizing images for Gallery, attachments and avatars

      Here is an easy way to do it plus I also found a way to do it online aswell which I will add link to after this quote from the Member Gallery thread:

      Originally posted by Sherrie

      Don't worry it is dead easy to resize pictures just download this freeware program: IrFan View

      What I did was went to image then resize/resample and bammo. Converts just about everything, I reccomend converting all pics to JPG!

      Really good program!

      An online method for resizing pictures:
    • Re: Resizing images for Gallery, attachments and avatars

      Hey Pink :)

      Some permissions on new members accounts are disabled at first. The reason for this, is to deter spammers from registering and plastering their spam everywhere as because we are a free forum there is no real way to weed the spammers out, if that makes sense?

      Anyway, all you need to do is post around the forums and get to know everyone for everything to unlock. Doesn't take long.