Ketosis and Diet Coke

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      Re: Ketosis and Diet Coke

      Hey there Berni, welcome to POH :)

      There could be a few reasons.

      Caffiene, caffiene can spike your insulin, some people are much more sensitive to it then others.
      Aspartame, is diet coke still using aspartame (951)?, this sweetener I wouldn't reccomend full stop anyway but also it is known to cause problems with stalls and ketosis but I don't recall why.

      I also recall reading elsewhere people being sensitive to the citric acid though I've never seen anyone report problems here.

      Re: Ketosis and Diet Coke

      I think it is the fact that diet coke has caffiene, aspartame and citric acid..Each on their own may not cause a problem..Diet coke has been a problem for a lot of people, others it doesn't seem to bother..

      I think too if you are having diet coke, and also having no sugar gum which has aspartame, and quite a few coffees through the day that can be a factor as well..
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      Re: Ketosis and Diet Coke

      We have a thread on diet soft drinks, let me see if I can find it for you but also some other suggestions is you could try squeezing some lemon or lime to your water, maybe even try some fizzy water then sqeeze some in.

      Re: Ketosis and Diet Coke

      952 is an artificial sweetener called sacharrin

      I do go on about 282 a lot though, is that the one you mean?

      282 is a preservative most often found in bread products, put it this way food manufacturers use it so they don't have to be so 'clean' with their equipment. It is suppossed to keep mould at bay yet when people experiment by leaving two loaves of breads out, one with 282 and one without, the 282 one seems to go mouldy first, makes you wonder how 'fresh' it really is!

      But anyway I'm getting off track lol 282 is a nasty one stay away from it and especially don't feed it to kids, this one has very close ties to things like ADHD.

      This is one of the reasons why I will never buy supermarket bread. Soy is another nasty ingredient you see in almost all bread products in ANY supermarket and again should not be fed to children.