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    • Bodytrim Diet

      We also have a Bodytrim Diet 2 thread full of Bodytrim resources that will help you on your journey. I've put an index into the first post so you can find information such as our Bodytrim recipe thread, food lists and common questions easier. - Sherrie

      Bodytrim Diet 2 thread


      Have just received my BodyTrim diet in the mail - 30day free trial - it was advertised in the paper and on TV - I am impressed with it at the quick overview i have given it - its low carb - suggests the first 3 days protein only to stop your insulin sugar spikes or something like that - its low carb - making sure you eat every 3 hours with a protein snack - there is a book with all the info in plus 4 dvd's i have had a quick look - and it all makes logical sense on what i already know, its a long term lifestyle eating program. The guy promoting it is Aussie Sports Trainer or something - they have a top food nutritionist (sp) all the right people with all the right info - so good to hear them talking so positively about low carb - also the guy who won biggest loser is doing it - he said he put on 20kgs after biggest loser as he couldn't train for 12 hrs per day - and he found this is easy to follow with out having to do a tough work out - will keep you posted - interested to know if anyone else has got this.

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      debs66 wrote:

      he said he put on 20kgs after bigest loser as he couldnt train for 12 hrs per day

      Because he starved himself! He was emaciated at the final!!

      He looked like he was starving.

      When a few of us mentioned this online, certain folks jumped down our throats.

      I'm not suprised he's gained 20 kilos of fat.

      I know because I've done starvation diets before - it only ends up bad in the end.
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      It recommends taht you take a mulit and or with omega 3 - but Im concerned that it is Low fat as well - they do go into great detail on one of the dvd's about low fat can mean high carbs/sugar.

      THey suggest you eat 3 measl + 3 protein snacks in a day - so that your body is contantly being fed - so keeps metab. going - which makes sense.

      You do have the option, if you want of having bread but only at breakfast time - and i think they suggest burgen (dont quote me on that) and you must have it with a protein - never have carb on its own. You can also have fruit at breakfast time but no later - cos of the sugar spikes.

      Im still reading thru it all and reserving judgement - I ate protein yesterday but was so hungry when i went to bed and when i weighed this morning i had put on 1kg - ive done my normal day today vegies and cheese for brekky, turkey salad for lunch and same for tea but also with the oopsie rolls (yummo) - which was a treat.

      They suggest having 1 day a week where you have whatever you want to eat in the day - for 1 or 2 meals - and not going crazy but having what you want - then the next day have a protein only day - he explains it that it keeps you metabolism guessing by being good all week - then eating what you want for one day - then back on protein only for one day -
      The other big this is 10,000 steps a day - a 30 min walk is recoomended - he has this equation which i cant remember but it was 70% food, 20% mild excercies and 10% High excercise - you focus on the food and the mild excercise and that wil be sufficient ie 6 meals a day and 10,000 steps - he says people do high energy excersise thinking they can lose weight but there is more to it - it makes good reading will update you some more over the weekend
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      So far so good - although im not doing it a 100% - im prob. having a bit more fat then they poss. recommend - although i have been emailing them questions and they have been very informative with their replies. .... and Im losing so thats what counts - they recommend one day off a week (1 or 2 meals) so you have what you want - but thats a bit scary for me at the moment - it took me a week to get off the 1kg i went up after having bbq at friends last week - and i had 2 Ruski's and 2 Baileys on ice - they also suggest that the following day you do protein only - so will maybe do all that in a couple of weeks time.
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      Hi Debs

      I have been wanting to try the BodyTrim program, so your log is very valuable. Are you going to purchase following the 30 day trial, or send it back do you think?
      Do you think you could do it as a "lifestyle", or does it feel like a diet you may pick up and put down?

    • Re: Bodytrim Diet

      Hi rmc :) welcome to the forum!!!

      Yep we all tend to support each other in one way or another..

      Low Carb is basically what we do, some lower carb than others depending on the stage they are at, or what exercise/training they do..

      We all try to stay away from the whites, eg bread, flour, sugar, pasta, and spud!!!
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