Bodytrim Diet 2

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    • Antheac not everyone can handle the free days especially at the start of their journeys, don't be afraid to consider Atkins/LCHF if it gets too hard.

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      Atkins Induction: Phase 1

      LCHF/Scandinavian Diet

      As for weight loss, are you going by your weight on the morning of your freeday? When you eat carbs suddenly after eating low carb for several days your muscles will soak up the carbs like a sponge. This isn't a bad thing per se but when it happens it also soaks I think it is 3-4 grams of water which each gram of glucose. This will then cause a temporary increase on the scales which then goes over the next 3 days of low carb eating. So if you want to have an accurate weekly measure you need to weigh the morning of your free day before you eat those carbs!

      But regardless weightloss isn't always linear especially for us females, weight loss often staggers especially with our monthly cycles. You need to look at the big picture, 1/2 a kg is 2 blocks of butter, that's awesome, see it for what it is and say good riddance! :)
    • antheac wrote:

      Hi all,

      iv been on Bodytrim for 3 weeks now, starting weight 77kg down to 74 kg, happy with the lost but im finding it hard to stick to the diet after my free day. This week im also finding it hard to stay on track as i only lost 1/2 kg, also finding it hard to drink alot of water.

      Hi Antheac Congratulations on the weight lost - I tried Atkins & had trouble getting back on track after free days so I converted to LCHF & has been the best thing I have ever done - I also am not a lover of water so I just do my best resorting to very weak diet cordial which is better than no water. Don't give up - check out the other low carb ways of eating or eat healthy clean food with nothing packaged/processed junk - put your health before that number on the scale :thumbsup:
    • Hey Antheac,

      Don't be disheartened with 1/2kg loss that is still an awesome achievement. :)

      As mentioned with Bodytrim make sure you are doing your weekly weigh on morning of free day as you will have spike after having carbs. With protein only day after your free day make sure you mix up your menu a little and don't fall into same trap I did first time around where I was eating the same foods week in week out as you will find it hard to stick to the diet for rest of week.

      One of the positives of this diet is if you have a bad day you can have an additional protein only day and you are back on track. As the promo goes its a lifestyle change so stick to what you are doing and you will reach your goal in no time. If you are struggling for menus for any meal let me know as I have most of the BT cook book collection would be happy to forward on some of the recipes. :)