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      Re: How to find Organic, Raw milk etc...

      Sherrie wrote:

      This one is for people in S.A. Metro Area...

      Better Life Organics, Organic Free Range Chicken, Spatchcock and Turkey.

      They are availble in some shops (list on their site), but they also see them online and deliver to your door in packs of 5.

      Check Order Form for pricing

      I'm going to email them and ask them what they feed them...

      Boohoo I got the email back on what they feed their chooks :rolleyes:

      "hello Sherrie
      Our chickens ' ration is 95% organically certified and the other 5% is approved but not certified organic, this 5% is made up of products like lime powder and salt which is almost organic in its own right anyway.
      65% of their ration is made up of cereal grain e.g wheat and triticale. The other 30% is made up of organic soya beans meal and one of the following safflower meal, canola meal, or sunflower meal( whichever is available at the time)
      The ration is a balanced diet to make sure the chickens are getting the right nutrients to make them fit and healthy.
      The ration was also designed by a world renowned nutritionist.
      The one ting i cant stress enough is that our chickens are organically grown from birth to the plate under strict organic standards and is controlled with random checks by the Organic Food Chain(OFC).
      I hope this has helped you and hope to hear from you soon.
      Kindest Regards
      Dominic Caputo
      Better Life. Better Taste.
      Better Life Organics. "

      Re: How to find Organic, Raw milk etc...

      We raised cows, chickens, pigs and rabbits when I was growing up---but down the way---their was a family owned dairy----they used to let the neighbors come by and buy milk by the gallon (honor system too) beofre the local health department put a stop to it. Nothing quite as good as the taste of fresh milk
      my grandmother had her own milk cow---so I learned to make butter from her years ago---
      I don't know of anywhere around here where you can get raw milk nowdays..

      Re: How to find Organic Produce, Raw milk etc...

      This might be worth checking out if you live in or near Byron Bay:

      Raw Milk Herd Share One Step Closer.

      By Joanne Hay

      We are getting closer to creating a Herd Share in Byron Bay. We’ve found a Farmer who is just about to finish his contract with the dairy corporation and is willing to provide raw milk to a group of 500 to 1000 people. The local farmer’s market is willing to encourage the distribution of raw milk from a stall every Thursday and Saturday - for cosmetic use of course. We have a couple of interested parties willing to take on distributorship. Next step is to find those interested in a reliable raw milk supply in the Byron Shire. If you are one who is interested, leave a comment at the bottom of this article and I will contact you. Even if you’re not from Byron Shire, leave a comment, we may know where to send you or just give us your thoughts.…erd-share-one-step-closer

      Re: How to find Organic Produce, Raw milk etc...

      Oh and in the comments of that article I found this:

      We are dairy farmers near Adelaide, aware of the benefits of raw milk and would like more info on herd share

      Re: How to find Organic Produce, Raw milk etc...

      I wish I'd found this forum sooner!!!
      Just a quick bit of info I learned theres an certified organic sourdough bakery in Torquay, Victoria that sells to stores all over Victoria and some online stores. It's really hard to find good quality bread for my 2 year old son who is gluten intolerant along with another big list of things he can't eat or drink.

      Can't remember the bakery website I found it via the grander water website my friend put me on to this water it helped her daughters ezcema and her kids prefer it to juice or fizzy anyway the biggest plus for me they have a filter to remove fluoride, Sebastian is very allergic.

      Any suggestions for my son, who is highly allergic to milk / dairy even a drop on his skin or smell and he gets a bad rash. He's drinking Goats milk but its so expensive.

      Re: How to find Organic Produce, Raw milk etc...

      You also have rice milk plus you could try to make your own nut milks if they work out cheaper. Avoid the soy though!

      That's a really tough allergy, dairy is everywhere!