Changs Super Lo-Cal Noodles

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      Re: Changs Super Lo-Cal Noodles

      I got som! Tried the big supermarkets, Woolies & Coles, and found them in little Bi-Lo. Now, I have never had noodles before, what do I do with 'em?
      Odille -
      following Primal Lifestyle

      Low fat is so last century!

      Re: Changs Super Lo-Cal Noodles

      Found the Changs super Lo Cal Noodles in my local Coles this time - which is much more convenient to me than woollies. Still next to the other Changs stuff - crispy noodles ect at the end of the pasta isle.

      Made curry again and used the noodles instead of rice ( I cut it up with the kitchen scissors). Went really good so now I have a stock in the pantry. These ones dont need refrigerating like the asian grocery ones and definitely not as smelly to prepare. Very happy with them.

      The "Tummy issues" were not as bad as previous types.

      Next I"m making my old favorite chicken noodle soup recipe that I haven't had for two years since going low carb.
      Kapay :)

      Re: Changs Super Lo-Cal Noodles

      I'm not a big noodle fan, for the most part. I'm even happy to forgo spaghetti most of the time, though I do like my penne in the occasional tuna/pasta casserole ...

      but chicken noodle soup ... that I've missed. What a great use for these noodles! Thanks for the idea, Kapay!