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Thread: Breastfeeding, Pregnancy and Low Carb

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    Re: Breastfeeding, Pregnancy and Low Carb

    I am breastfeeding my 9 month old at the moment and eat low carb. I am not trying to be in ketosis while im feeding her and i eat low carb small meals when hungry to keep up with the demands of two small children. My doctor has given me the ok to eat low carb, i just eat more dairy than i will when im not breastfeeding.

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    Re: Breastfeeding, Pregnancy and Low Carb

    i too spoke to my dr about lc, she said as long as its not extreme and im still eating fruits veg and dairy there is no issue.

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    Re: Breastfeeding, Pregnancy and Low Carb

    This is a bit random, but its something that really annoyed me at the time & my partner wanted to go all out ninja style on the dr back then, but last year I went to the dr because even though i wasnt eating junk my weight was increasing and i couldnt figure out why because it usualy stayed pretty steady unless there was a reason, it was making me feel really down and depressed because i was trying to hard to be healthy and keep fit and so i went to the doctor for a check up, and the doc told me to go on a "shake diet" he said to replace my meals 3 times a day with these shake things,, VLCD shakes.. does anyone use them or are they classed as unhealthy? anyway long story short.. i lost the kilos i had gained but then they came straight back.. I went to a different doctor and found out i was nearly 3 months pregnant!

    so i was annoyed coz i felt like the other dr saw me as just another girl sad about her weight and just fobbed me off by tellin me to go get on the shake diet! .. when fact is i only went to the dr coz i didnt know why it was happening when i was doing everything right ... .. anyone else have anything like that happen to them?

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    Re: Breastfeeding, Pregnancy and Low Carb

    I am not a fan of shake diets at all especially 3 times per day ones: Very Low Calorie Diets

    When I was pregnant with Maya I had been diagnosed with a goiter (enlarged thyroid) 6 months before falling pregnant and then when I was about 6 weeks pregnant I was diagnosed with CFS. When the endo diagnosed me with CFS he warned me that my thyroid will likely get bigger during the pregnancy. I was 55 - 56kg at the time (I had been maintaining after doing Atkins for a couple of years at that point).

    Anyway I gained weight quite rapidly compared to my first. With Ryan I gained about 10-12kg and with Maya it was close to 30kg despite eating so much healthier with Maya and already having maintenance down pact! I didn't eat for 2!

    I never had cravings with either pregnancy.

    But I'm getting a little bit ahead of myself! When I was about 2 and a half to 3 months pregnant I all of a sudden started snoring and continued to snore right through. When I started snoring I was at the 60kg point so nowhere near a weight that would contribute to snoring!

    I was having really bad back problems so found it really hard to get to sleep and then when I finally did I would start snoring and wake up so I saw the DR desperate to fix this. Without even asking anything she simply come straight out with "oh you must be eating too much" and fobbed me off!

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