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Thread: Percentage of Fat on Atkins

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    Question Percentage of Fat on Atkins

    Hey guys,
    I am doing Atkins Induction (have been for some time now) and have read through the book, but I cant seem to find where it says what percentage of fat we should be having per day.
    I know it sounds like a strange question and it does say whatever satisfies you, but I have been told and read that sometimes if your weight loss is hard going then it helps to add more fats to your eating plan. Does anyone have any ideas on what the right amount may be??

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    Re: Percentage of Fat on Atkins

    About 25% protein & 65% fat.
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    Re: Percentage of Fat on Atkins

    usually 65-75% fat

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    Re: Percentage of Fat on Atkins

    Thanks guys. Is that any fat or good fats. Now I have to work out how to work out that percentage and how I calculate the fats. I don't think I was having enough fat in my diet everything I was preparing was lean so I could try to lose more but I think it stopped me from losing.

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    Re: Percentage of Fat on Atkins

    You can use a tool called my fitness pal or Anolog6 has a great tool she uses , look in her thread. You can download both and see which one you like . Both are handy as you can set the targets you want to achieve .

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