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Welcome to A Pinch of Health Australia!

Welcome to our low carb website for Australians and beyond! Jam packed full of mouth watering low carb recipes, information, tools and resources on various diets such as Atkins, Banting, Bodytrim, LCHF (low carb, high fat), keto and Paleo. Whilst we are based in Australia, everyone interested in low carb diets are welcome!

Lifestyle Change

Our goal is to focus around low carbohydrate diets, weight-loss and health with an emphasis on real foods rather then products - as the dependance on products, is usually what gets us into trouble in the first place. After all, if we want to be successful over the long term - then we need to change our lifestyle, rather then simply replace one junk with another!

I find when we make things ourselves we appreciate them more. The time and effort means, we only make them when we need them rather then buy them because they're there and we also think more about what is in the foods, that we make.

Low Carb Community!

Our community is here so we can share and learn from each others experiences and hopefully lose some weight, improve our fitness and health in the process. We offer support, accountability and motivation through the constant interaction on our forums and private members' diary section.

This forum is independent, free and not reliant on selling/pushing a product or a diet plan, but rather a personal hobby of mine after the support I received here during my own journey in 2002 and the fact I am a bit jaded with the weight loss industry. Consider this a neutral ground, where you can get unbiased advice and support. We have members' following various low carb diets, providing an assortment of information and feedback based on their experiences during their journey.

I am not here to sell you something or plaster this website with advertising and thus I also appreciate that others respect this also and help to keep our forums spam free. We have a strict no spam and bullying policy, we want this forum to be a place where everyone is treated with respect. You can read about our forum policies in the footer under terms and conditions.

Make sure to visit and introduce yourself on our support forums as you will find our forums are a good place to meet people with similar goals and find many good quality threads with an abundance of information and experiences such as our Getting Started thread.

I have also put together a page of what you can and can't eat as well as some menu ideas to help you get started if you need it: Low Carb Diets: Everything you need to know to get you started

photo of a low carb rice salad using cauliflower rice

Low Carb Recipes

In our forums you will find our low carb recipe section is quite extensive due to members sharing their recipes for so many years, you will find hundreds, if not thousands of good recipes that use normal ingredients and Australian measurements. You will find these don't rely on packet mixes or expensive hard to get ingredients and can often be made from typical foods in your home where you have control over all ingredients and flavours. Please feel free to contribute to our recipe section, the more the merrier! :)

Low Carb Information and Resources

In the top navigation bar under Low Carb Resources you will find we have an extensive article / resource section. We have a low carb diet section with reviews / summaries of some popular low carb diets. I am happy to add honest reviews from other members also. If you're still deciding on which diet to follow, you may find them useful.

If you're interested in the science behind some of the benefits of low-carbohydrate diets, then feel free to have a read of our research pages which will be updated extensively soon. You will find in Low Carb Resources under Low Carb Research, I have sorted the various areas of research into categories, so that you can go straight to the topic that interests you. I hope you find it helpful.

I have put together some very handy carbohydrate count pages, which are sourced from Australian nutritional information making them much more accurate and less confusing. I have sorted these into separate food lists such as vegetables, fruit, dairy and nuts and grouped them by low, moderate and high carb. In time, I will add more to this.

I cannot stress how important it is for Australians to use nutritional information from Australian sources as other countries such as the US, calculate their carbohydrate counts differently and will not match Australian labels. Save your self the confusion and stick with Australian nutritional information.

In our beginners section we have articles with tips such as how to begin and the importance of starting a diary, as well as the rules and food lists for Atkins Induction. In our low carb living section you will find articles on pantry/shopping lists, snack ideas, measurements and conversions and BMR/calorie calculators. We also have a section titled old gems that contain a few "oldie but goodie" articles that discuss important topics such as cholesterol and saturated fats.

We also have a Low Carb Goodies section where I put some useful and hard to find items, such as books, non artificial sweeteners and for those that like them low carb pasta/noodles that also help with contributing to the costs of this website, tucked away in their own section in case you need them.

In our weight loss tools sections, to help you with your life style change you will find links to some handy tools shared by our members over the years such as shopping planners and spreadsheets. There's also calculators to calculate your BMR, calories and even your macro-nutrient ratios or PFC (Protein, Fat Carb), just enter in the percentages for each one as well as your total calories and it will give you back the PFC in grams: Low Carb Calculators

photo of a flock of sheep in a lush green paddock

Very Low Calorie Dieting

I would really like to emphasise that this forum does not encourage very low-calorie dieting and going to extremes to lose weight. I ask everyone to please not encourage it on our forums because it can be addictive and lead to eating disorders. If you're interested in some of the downsides to dieting, then you may be interested in our very low-calorie research page which is also in our top navigation menu.

To avoid very low calories it is important to try to keep above your BMR (basal metabolic rate) when dieting, you can read about BMR in our low carb lifestyle section as well as use our calculators to help you plan your calories. We also have a page on weight-loss tools that may help you along your journey amongst various other articles - from the benefits of saturated fats, to articles for beginners and interesting videos to watch.

We hope you enjoy your stay and if you like our low carb articles, recipes and forum, please share with others and spread the love to help our community grow!