About Us

We follow a low carbohydrate diet in some form. Low carb, can mean many things other then one of the popular diets. If you're cutting or limiting sugar, grains and potatoes then chances are, you're already on a low carbohydrate diet.

A Pinch of Health is an Australian based independent low carb community, who's main interests center around ours and others low carb diet and health.

We are strong believers in fresh unprocessed whole food and organic foods and are quite skeptical of some of the aspects of conventional medicine and the pharmaceutical industry.

Low carb diets are not just for weight loss. If you're suffering from health conditions such as diabetes type 2, epilepsy, gastrointestinal disorders such as IBS and fructose malabsorption, blood sugar issues, insulin resistance, PCOS, syndrome X, metabolic syndrome and possibly even heart disease and some forms of cancer to name a few then you may find a low carb diet may be of some benefit.

We offer each other tips, guidance, research and support on the many issues related to our diets and health. We also offer this for off topic discussions, as well as a good laugh when needed. We provide a great forum, where you can find low carb support, ask questions, start a diary or find delicous low carb recipes or menu ideas. We also have a resources section where you can easily find low carb information on various topics such as diet reviews, low carb foods lists and carb counts, articles to help you get started, weight loss tools such as calorie calculators and a huge collection of low carb research to name just a few, as well as our own personal experiences that we share with each other.

We are a very friendly bunch who would love to welcome you aboard so please feel free to drop into our forums and say hello and share your experiences with us, the more the merrier!

About Me

Hello, my name is Sherrie and I own and run this site, I have been low carbing since I began in 2002. I like to follow a more fresh foods approach and I now avoid using artificial foods and sweetners like splenda unlike my early low carb days. I also like to get in the garden and grow my own organic vegetables and fruits without the use of unhealthy herbicides and pesticides and I hope to have my own free range chickens soon to provide us with healthy eggs and help me out with the weeding :)


The community of A Pinch of Health was first known as 'Picture of Health' starting back in late 2001. Picture of Health was basically a company owned by a very nice husband and wife team (Rossana and Jesper) who offered low carbohydrate diet plans, low carb products as well as a very informative support forum which I was moderating. By the later half of 2005 they decided to move on and generously left me with the forums so that we could continue on under a new name 'A Pinch of Health'.

You may wonder why such a similar name, well after affectionately referring to our community and online family as POH for so many years, we decided to opt for a name that would allow us to continue calling it that. Some of our members as far back as early 2002 remain actively posting on the forums today!