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Like any program that has such amazing results, the Low Carb Lifestyle amongst other things has its supporters and its doubters. This forum is used to share snippets of REAL RESEARCH and media to give you a better understanding of what works.

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Eat Fat - Get Thin

2 2,756


Psychological benefits of a high-protein, low-carb diet in obese women with pcos

6 3,281


Comparison of Low Fat and Low Carbohydrate Diets on Circulating Fatty Acid Comp...

0 1,643

A Prospective Study of Polyunsaturated Fatty Acid Levels in Blood and Prostate Cancer

2 1,712


Prospective Study of Dietary Carbohydrates, Glycemic Index, Glycemic Load, and ...

0 1,939

Fat Head!

2 2,105



50 7,775


Fructose intake is a predictor of LDL particle size in overweight schoolchildren

0 7,338

How Nutrition Affects The Breakdown Of Fats

0 2,408

Can a High-Fat Diet Beat Cancer?

2 1,965


Effect of a High Saturated Fat and No-Starch Diet on Serum Lipid Subfractions in...

0 1,572

A Carbohydrate-Restricted Diet Alters Gut Peptides and Adiposity Signals in Men and..

0 1,525

Read this - very interesting

5 2,013


Gastric Bypass Surgery Linked To Neurological Conditions, Study Suggests

0 1,642

Scientists Discover Key To Manipulating Fat; Pathway Also Explains Stress-induced....

1 1,604


Maternal dietary Alpine butter intake affects human milk: fatty acids and CLA isomers

0 1,722

Influence of organic diet on the amount of conjugated linoleic acids in breast milk o

0 2,085

Effects of a Low–Glycemic Load vs Low-Fat Diet in Obese Young Adults

0 1,598

Study looks at alcohol and breast cancer

2 1,843


A Low Carbohydrate Diet in Type 1 Diabetes: Clinical Experience – A Brief Report

0 1,684

Omega 3 and Mental Health

1 1,814


From Pharma, with Love

1 1,643


Clinical significance of adaptive thermogenesis

1 1,743


“New” hepatic fat activates PPAR to maintain glucose, lipid,

0 1,809

Carbohydrate intake and HDL in a multiethnic population

1 1,787


Metabolic markers in relation to nutrition and growth in healthy 4-y-old children in

0 1,659

The Pediatric Obesity Epidemic: Causes and Controversies

0 1,733

Maternal Supplementation With Very-Long-Chain n-3 Fatty Acids During Pregnancy and...

0 1,661

Does breastfeeding influence risk of type 2 diabetes in later life?

0 1,533

Shorter Nightly Sleep In Childhood May Help Explain Obesity Epidemic

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