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  • Ummm interesting........... you are obviously very knowlegeable on Cohens and other eating plans. I have to say I felt my best when i did Cohens - lost weight, felt fantastic, yes i did feel the cold but i had lost 30kgs of FAT - so umm that was my insultation surely!!!!! Yes you do eat very small amounts and there isnt the variety - i never craved onion, just chocolate! I managed to put all my weight back on and have read that many books on HOW TO LOSE weight its not funny!! Its finding a balan…

  • Re: 5 & 3 KILO CHALLENGE

    debs66 - - Motivation & Resolve


    Sorry didnt post my weight yesterday - 105.5 - so i think ive lost 2kgs - which is great - its good when you monitor week by week - you see it coming off gradually.

  • omg - its delicious - even hubby loved it - i had mine with a beef stirfry as a side dish - i reckonit would be good in place of rice if you were having a curry - and just do the coconut cream and cauli - leave out the curry paste.

  • Quote from Bubbley: “My week 2 starts on Wednesday but i've lost a bit today so am not on the gain list now. Yipee, this is really getting me to look more closely at my WOE. Thanks Guys” why not post all your food in your diary and we can offer any suggestions if it needs tweeking - Sherrie the L.C. GURU will for sure

  • Well I thought i would have put on but weighed in at 106.8 - which means ive lost 700grams - well pleased.

  • Time Difference - In PERTH - UK is 7 hours behind - so EST would be 9 Hours behind. Obviously when their daylight saving and ours kicks in it changes again.

  • yumm this sounds delicious - will make it this week me thinks.

  • 107.5kg today

  • Yeah Im in too.... will start tomorrow 1st Sept - and aim to lose 5kgs - but any loss is good. will do ticker tomorrow morn when i weigh in. I weigh daily - because it helps keep my focus - if i go up i can usually work out why and if i go down it helps keep me on track.

  • i will try them in my health grill - if i put grease proof paper down top and bottom it will stop it squashing into the grooves - will keep you posted!

  • I did a party on Sunday and this lady made her Speciality Cheesecake - its yum - she obviously had it with granitta biscuits up the side and for the base (which i didnt eat) bu the middle was delicious . I got the recipie and adapted it to lc 2 x philly blocks 400mls whipping cream (she used 1 tin of evap milk) 1 lemon jelly 3/4 cup splenda (she used 1 cup sugar) 1 teaspoon vanilla essence Fresh lemon juice and rind. Method make up the jelly with 500 mls of boiling water and allow to cool mix th…

  • Yeah me too - 80 would be great - 99 would be great at the moment!!!

  • Re: Chat Room Maybe?

    debs66 - - Geek Forum


    Yeah... Ill talk to anyone me!!!

  • Quote from Cazza: “Hi everyone when you order the Bodytrim what is it you are actually getting? I believe a dvd ... but isn't the info you girls on here give out enough to get you started? :D” I ordered it Cazza and if you didnt know anything about LC i reckon it would be great - but i think being on here we know loads about LC - you get 6 cd's - and i think it is really well done, and worth the money, if you were totally new to the LC wol. I ordered it thinking it would be some ground breaking …

  • maybe you could follow lc all week and be a little relaxed on a saturday so you ca have your wine - i know what you mean about grabbing a sandwich - most places now though have things like vegie fritta's etc - so if im out i will grab one of those. For brekky i love having toms and mushrooms chopped up and cooked in microwave for 1 min then handfull of mozarella grated cheese and put under the grill whilst i go get dressed - i love it nice and crunchy. and Sherries creamcheese muffins/cheesecake…

  • Re: new mince recipe

    debs66 - - Meat Recipes


    SO.................... how did the burgers turn out, they sound YUM

  • I made it again on Monday night - and hubby and son just love it - they reckon its the best - i just put garlic on the top of the dough when its in the oven - i acutally separated it into 4 pieces so it crisped up all the way round and dried out better than my first attempt. THen added ham, salami, pizza sauce & mozarella and pineapple - under the grill and YUM YUM YUM. I do hope to do the lasagne soon - has anyone done it yet ?

  • LOL, good advice!!! It does seem to get a bit like that doesnt it - oh and you forgot, stop breathing, cos thats bad for you too!!!

  • Moonie - Bodytrim is not calorie based - low carb - eating every 3 hours if my memory serves me correct - the first 3 days it is just protein - then after 3 days i think you could add in a piece of bread or similar - something like that but the main think was to eat every 3 hours - I reckon it would be a great intro into LC if you hadnt done anything like it before - as you would get great results.

  • Quote from Sherrie: “I thought some might be interested in this old article: Would You Cure A Profitable Disease?” UMM definitely food for thought there!!!