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  • Quote from lisabella: “I really like the Atkins protein bars. Check the sugar contents in sauce, if I am not mistaken he says never have anything which is higher than 5 g of sugar. I am not sure about tomato sauce, but I am under the impression it is high. In sugar. Good luck x” Thanks heaps i went to a local store today and they helped me out with some bars il be shore too give the atkins ago, sadly i think im going to have to give up the old tomato sauce it will be dearly missed thanks again x

  • Thanks guys for the help, tuna would be good if i liked it but il have to replace it with somting thanks again guys

  • golly gosh guys yous are doing so well hope yous are all so proud! since use a doing so great how bout some tips what should i eat in my detox days i was eating eggs for breaky protien bar snack eggs lunch protien bar snack eggs tea protien bar lol i really suck and would love for some one to share there detox plan keep up the good work girls good to see theres support out there:D

  • Hello all, im having the worst time understanding BT, This is my first week and im having trouble understanding the does and donts, like i cant find anything about sauce are you aloud tomoato sauce and plus were is some were i can get good protien bars from and can anyone recommend some good ones sorry to be a pain but with 20kgs to go and my trip away with the hubby im getting very impaitent thanks again all postive feed back welcomed