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  • I decide to track calories and macronutrients for a bit, which is helping. Am enjoying cleaning up my choices and feeling better about myself. Hope you all are doing very well.

  • Hi, Rosalind. Welcome! Even with my food plan, I take one bite at a time. Any step you can make, each choice you make for your own health, is of great benefit. I strongly believe you have the right to be healthy, to be in charge of choosing for yourself, and to know freedom in your own choices. Choice is the grandest thing there is. I follow Dr. Kurt Harris dietary guidelines. He gives clear explanations for each of them. Following his guidelines has helped me tremendously. They are simple, even…

  • Dr. Harris has updated that list of recommendations and changed the name of his blog to Archevore. On Dr. Harris' blog, there are links within the specific recommendations to explanations of the science behind the recommendations. Here is the current version: The Archevore Diet - A pastoral diet that can improve your health by emulating the evolutionary metabolic milieu. The 12 steps remove the neolithic agents of disease in an efficient and practical manner How do you do it? Here is a 12- step …

  • My challenge to myself for my food plan is to track and limit portions. I never eat things off my plan, so my goal for this challenge is being very much in charge of how much I eat.

  • We have so many different food plans here, that I thought it might be nice to have a "Keep My Food Plan" challenge. Whatever your food plan is, to keep it cleanly, through June 30th. Post whatever is helpful to you. We'll all be supportive! Best wishes to all for good health and healthy choices.

  • I agree with the others. One day at a time, one meal at a time, one bite at a time. Every step in a healthier direction helps. We just keep going. Best wishes to all for good health and enjoying LC living.

  • Hi, Emma. I keep to my food plan all the time. I like being in charge of myself, being slender, healthy, and as calm as I can. Eating cleanly helps me tremendously. You could have a health-spa kind of holiday, sip iced tea or seltzer water w/ fresh lime or lemon, swim laps and do exercises in the pool, and come home sleek, refreshed, and proud! All the best to you.

  • Re: computer skills

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    I know this is an old thread, but I've just seen it. I don't feel so bad about my computer skills now. Thanks for the smiles.

  • Mrs. Cat, I wish you much success with this. Regarding Dr. Fine's paper on ketones and cancer, which Sherrie posted a link to: Peter Dobromylskyj discusses the paper a bit on his blog, Hyperlipid. Those research papers are often difficult to decipher, so Dr. Dobromylskyj's blog is a great help. Hope this is of use to you. ETA: Mrs. Cat, I've just seen your new post. I hope you can get the approval for the nanocurcumin. I'm keeping your niece in my prayers.

  • Re: Bipolar and grumpy

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    Dr. Emily Deans has some super information at her blog, Evolutionary Psychiatry, on eating for brain health, supplements, etc. I really enjoy reading her blog. She addresses bipolar disorder, and many things which help one feel much better, and have balance. What one eats determines a great deal of the brain chemistry. Also, Emma Davies has a post at her blog about a ketogenic diet increasing GABA which is good for those with bipolar disorder. Here is an article on how yoga increases GABA. I fin…

  • Re: Donating blood

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    Lolly, I don't have medical expertise, but perhaps I can post something which would be of use to you. What is it that you must recover from after you give blood? Does your blood sugar drop dangerously low? If so, one could eat roots and tubers, in increments of 2 gms of carbs, at particular intervals, until the blood sugar has returned to a healthy, stable level. The 2gm-amount comes from Dr. Richard Bernstein, who recommends that to diabetics who need to get their blood sugar up a bit. The root…

  • TLP, I'm glad you found a plan that works well for you. It is grand, I agree, to find a food plan that suits us. Deena, I had similar things develop: allergies I'd never had before, sore bones, etc. I agree with the small steps. I make a small change I can live with, to see how I do. If it goes well, I keep going with that, and when I've become accustomed to it, I start considering the next change. For me, the steps must be small enough to not throw things out of whack, and comfortable enough th…

  • Re: Sherrie, thanks.

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    Sherrie, I, too, find that protein is not as satiating as others sometimes report. After reading Kwasniewski, Stefansson, Donaldson, MacKarness, Sandler, Groves, etc., I decided to keep the FAT content of my food plan at least 65% of total calories. I tend to keep it at 80%, and sometimes more. Those are animal fats.

  • Deena, I'm sorry that ended up being such a long post. I just didn't feel right about leaving out anything important, even if takes a few rounds of reading. Due to those changing hormones, getting older, I, too, find I have to make many new choices. A couple of years ago, I found I was gaining weight again, and feeling "crummier", even though I was staying off all the things that got me down to maintenance weight. I think it was hormonal. I found Dr. Harris' and Dr. Dobromylskyj's websites, and …

  • Deena, each person's response to a particular food or amount of that food will be different. Dr. Richard Bernstein explains the science of it in his books and on his websites. No two people have the same pancreatic functions, for example. Diabetics can use the meter and check whether or not a specific food raises the blood sugar a large amount, or quickly, and how long it takes to go down, how low it goes, etc. I have read comments on other sites by diabetics who posted that they cannot eat more…

  • Re: Lifes lessons

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    Bexsi, this is the food plan I follow. That is Dr. Kurt Harris' site, Archevore.He explains the science behind his recommendations. Although our personal reports of what has worked and not worked in our own experience, might be interesting to read, and of some use, it is understanding how different foods are actually utilized by the body that makes it easy to keep a particular food plan. When one understands enough of the science, the food choices are easy. Some find it helpful to eat animal fat…

  • Lizardlinks, it takes some experimenting to find the best amounts of meat, meat fat, butter, veggies, etc. It can take the body awhile to adjust to using fats instead of carbs for fuel. I agree with eating animal fat for satiety, and with getting lots of sleep. I find that too much protein can trigger an appetite. Also, early on in low-carbing I needed more protein for satiety than I do now. Also, keeping PUFA intake (polyunsaturated fats) at below 4% of total calories can help. Anything that ta…

  • I couldn't edit the title of the other thread, so here is a new one, which won't expire until we have too many posts in it. Warm weather has arrived where I live, and I always find that an easy time of maintenance. Best wishes to all.

  • Re: Maintainers: General thread.

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    Lucy, sorry I missed your post. I forgot to check this thread. Hope you are doing well. I couldn't remove the date from the title of this thread. Here is the new thread. See everyone there.

  • Re: Chronic Fatigue & Fibromyalgia

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    Sherrie, I've just tried the link again, and it works fine on my computer. Here is a link to the main site, which has several papers by Michael Maes on CFS, if it is of interest: [dead link]