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  • thanks ladies for the replies. Hmmm both sound like they need some investigation! Not very happy with myself that I allowed myself to fall off the wagon, but I guess it's opened my eyes to how white bread affects me.

  • Why does bread make my tired?

    Axis - - Low Carb Beginners


    Okay so I had been doing really well on LC, and then this morning hit a speedbump and caved in to a bacon & egg sandwich on white bread. I noticed about 45 mins later I came over really tired, like unable to keep my eyes open tired, and the fog has continued all morning. I can clearly see now that this is what I was feeling all day, every day before I went LC. I hadn't experienced that feeling for quite a few weeks now. So why would bread be doing that for me? Is it because it is high GI?

  • TOM arrived yesterday and with it came the woosh fairy! 105.6 this morning weeeeeee! I really want to try and nail another 1.1kgs by the end of next week. That will make the halfway point of my little challenge (goal loss is 9.2kg) and then I'll have 3 weeks to lose 4.6kgs.... which I don't think I will quite make but if I can make 3kgs in those 3 weeks I'll be super stoked!! My cross trainer is going get a workout!!!

  • Sorry I haven't checked in for a while, crazy time of year! Was 107.0 this morning, slowly does it for me it would seem. Ho well, better than nothing!

  • I succumbed to a scone about this time last night.....eek! So far so good for today tho

  • Food Intolerance/Allergy Testing?

    Axis - - Health


    I wasn't sure where to put this so please feel free to move if neccessary! Has anyone ever done any salivary intolerance testing thru a naturopath - either in person or I do also beleive you can order testing kits online and have the results sent to you. My friend just used one in Perth and apparently they tested her saliva for 125 things. That was all done via mail. She is gluten intolerant and intolerant of several other things like a couple of colours etc. I have been wondering alot lately ab…

  • Has anyone made these recently?

  • Well I'm back from our 10 day trip! I posted in my diary about it. And the result?? No gain woohoo!!! Still 107.6! We did a heap of walking which I think was the difference, otherwise I am sure I would have put on about 5kg! So back into it, I have 7 weeks to lose 7.7kgs for the christmas challenge... bring it on!

  • well done fiasco and pisces!

  • My goal was to get under 100kgs before christmas, which for me was 9.2kg in a smidge under 10 weeks (18th Oct to 24th Dec). Had to weigh today as I will be without my scales for the next 10 days. Day 9 of induction today and I'm 1.5kg down I know this will slow down (particularly while I am away for the next week and a half) but I'm very happy So 7.7kg in 8 weeks 2 days left to go.

  • Looks awesome!!

  • Re: Maca

    Axis - - Women and Health


    I've not heard of it :p

  • Re: Creamy Green Soup

    Axis - - Soup Recipes


    Quote from deenalicious: “if I said it looked like pond slime would you whack me? *ducks*” Well bums to you :p Quote from Cazza: “I am interested to know how it tastes too xxx” I actually think it's really nice!! But I really like those two vegies so I guess maybe it's not for everyone. I reckon you could substitute any other veg anyway if you wanted to I reckon mushroom and/or asparagus, cauliflower would also work. The method I used is basically how I do pumpkin soup so I reckon it would be pr…

  • Creamy Green Soup

    Axis - - Soup Recipes


    Made this up to use up some of the zucchini and sliverbeet I had. A tasty way to get your greens in! Creamy Green Soup 1 med onion chopped 200g bacon chopped 600g zucchini chopped 350g silverbeet chopped 40g butter 3 cloves garlic 300ml cream 3 stock cubes 3 cups water Melt the butter in soup pot, fry bacon, onion and garlic until onion is soft. Add zucchini and silverbeet and cook until silverbeet has started to collapse. Add stock cubes and water. Simmer until zucchini is soft. Remove from hea…

  • Quote from deenalicious: “Hi Axis.....and wooohoooo bring it on....I like to aim high too! deena” Haha well I figure why not - my motivation is sky high at the moment and I figure the quickest losses usually come at the start of a diet, so hopefully it should all come together!! If I aim for 10 I might get 5 at least, which would still be great

  • If it's okay I'd love to join in this challenge too My start date was 15th Oct, weight 109.1, and I'm going to aim high for a goal of 99.9kg for Xmas day, which is 9.2kg in 10 weeks.....

  • Quote from Gosfordgirl: “Axis, have I named at least one of the brands in your fridge? No doubt these one's have tonnes of bad stuff in them, but now that I'm also calorie counting I rarely use mayo at all. Although now it's warming up, I'll start having more salads, and love a bit of mayo as the dressing. GG” I don't want to name brands But if you go here: you can look up additives if you like. It's a really personal choice and I don't want to start a bunfi…

  • Quote from Sherrie: “I very rarely use mayo but when I do it's Thomy's. One of these days I will make my own :)” Quote from Silver: “Commercial mayonnaise brands use polyunsaturated oils, which can contribute to gaining weight, among other health problems.” Thanks for the replies ladies I've just read the book 'Additive Alert' and I started looking at labels a lot more. I don't think I like the look of some of the ingredients on the labels of the two brands I have in the fridge! So would an oliv…

  • As the title says, what mayo do you like to use?

  • Quote from Sherrie: “Do you mean this from Regina? LC Menu Planning made easy” Aha that's it Sherrie - thanks! Thanks for the other links Silver, very handy and a good read also