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  • They turned out beautifully!!!:D

  • My first ever batch of Oppsie rolls are in the oven NOW!!! I think I may have folded too much though:(

  • Re: Bloody dieticians

    Gilly - - Diabetes and Low Carb


    I really don't understand these so called "profesionals" who will shoot you down in flames for doing something that is obviously working for YOU!!!:mad: My old doctor (since found a much better one) told me that I should be taking blood pressure tablets for the rest of my life as they are fine and that I should also take cholesterol lowering drugs to get that down. She wrote out a script which I did not fill as I did my research and discovered that the cholesterol drug would cause my BP to rise …

  • Quote from Gosfordgirl: “No prizes for guessing where I live. For those who don't know, it's on the Central Coast of NSW. It's great, I've lived here for about 7 years, and am only 5mins from work. But I was born and bred in Newcastle, then left at 18yo to move to Sydney, where I lived for about 15 years, everywhere from Glebe to Cabramatta to Parramatta, finally to Ingleburn where I bought a house before I moved to Gosford.” We are almost neigbours now that I have moved to Kariong!

  • Those muffins look yummy! Are they really low carb????? Also what are these "masher' things that I have heard mentioned?:confused:

  • Re: Low Carb Take Away

    Gilly - - Low Carb Living


    I have had subway salad plates, they are great, everything you want minus the sub! I also get my kebabs on a plate without the wrap, it takes ages to eat as well!;)

  • Re: Flavoured Drinks

    Gilly - - Low Carb Living


    I there such a thing as a low carb cordial??? I would love to know, I really don't enjoy plain water and don't like lemon! I know I must drink more water on this plan but its hard at times:(

  • Welcome!!! You have made a great start, well done. This place is great for motivation, tips etc and the people on here are really nice and friendly. I will be following your progress!:D

  • I may have to find some of these to take to my archery competition!! They should keep me ticking over!

  • Re: Coconut Oil

    Gilly - - Real Research and Media


    I have just jumped on the bandwagon! I am using Cocopure virgin coconut oil, they do have a site and they are on the central coast NSW, almost local to me!!:)

  • Quote from Sherrie: “Glad you enjoyed them Gilly the recipe is on the first page of this thread underneath the first set of photos.” Thank's Sherrie! I am going to have a go at these on Friday when I have the day off work!!

  • I have been looking through the site but the link to the improved recipe does not seem to have the recipe there:( Can anyone post it here or tell me where to get a look at it? They sound perfect for me!!!

  • I'm at Lake Munmorah:D

  • Re: shirataki noodles

    Gilly - - Low Carb Living


    Anyone know where I can get these in the NWS Central Coast???

  • That guy knows his stuff! Last night i got to 175/97 then I took some magnesium (3 tablets) and this morning it is 147/91! Much better!!! I really want to avoid taking medication for it but i know it can kill me if i don't get it under control! I really think that if i let my doc put me on tablets then i will struggle to get off them so diet is the better way for me, although hubby does not believe its diet related!!:rolleyes:

  • Quote from Sherrie: “How are you going Gilly?” This is day 1 AGAIN! I have got another shock with my blood pressure getting too high and I don't want to go onto tablets! I know that low carb will bring it down so I am going to have to get serious about it or I may not be around too much longer, Its starting to worry my hubby so I have made a deal with him to go low carb and check my blood pressure everyday and if its not gone down by Monday morning I will make an appointment at the doctors. If a…

  • Hi, Just starting this and also starting a new job! I have got 60lbs to lose and I want to find something really quick and easy for breakfast and lunch, I really don't have time for making breakfast in the mornings and I won't get up earlier as I don't sleep very well so I like to get all I can! I was thinking about using shakes or something similar for both meals then I can get creative in the evening for dinner. I really don't want to be messing about with shakers, water, milk etc! I would rat…