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  • Re: agentm says hello

    agentm - - Introduce Yourself


    Thanks yes I'm about 150cm so any weight change really shows on me. I was actually afraid the diet wouldn't work since I have little weight to lose but so far so good (touch wood).

  • agentm says hello

    agentm - - Introduce Yourself


    Hi everyone My first time on a forum and finding it great so far. I'm in my 20's and I was 54 - 55kg. I'm now 53 after 7 days on Atkins and I'm hoping to lose another 3-4. I have a tendency to have massive cravings, then I end up binging and over eating and feeling sick. I don't know why, it's just a mental thing I suppose - so I tend to Yo Yo from 52 - 57kg. I've found that being on Atkins helps me control cravings and I feel a lot more stable and in control of my food consumption. Also, my mum…

  • Choc cheesecake sounds great! I take it the recipe is on the site? Yes a few bites of sugar free chocolate are great to keep the resolve up. But I have read that it's not good to rely on these things because you're not mentally teaching yourself to 'not crave' them. Everything in moderation I say

  • I weigh myself everyday, I know you shouldn't but I think it can keep you focussed on your goal. luckily my sister has a Wii Fit so I weigh myself the same time everyday, and the weight change comes up as a graph. It's very handy! But yes it can be disheartening when you show a weight gain of a 1kg or something...but sometimes this is due to how much water you've drank...and I find that I retain water when I'm about to menstruate.

  • Mcdonalds: Seared Chicken Ceasar Salad with no croutons and ranch dressing. or Double cheeseburger without the bun and no ketchup or Angas burger without the bun Subway: Double serve turkey salad with lettuce, a small handful of olives, capsicum, cucumber, grated cheese and ranch dressing (Beetroot is quite carby). and I agree, Nandos is great for a low carb meal. So is a red rooster skinless chicken salad.

  • Agreed I haven't told anyone I'm on the diet except my close friends. They're very supportive and curious as to how it works. I think because Atkins became popular so fast for a moment there it seems like a 'Fad' diet that nobody takes seriously.

  • Hi all My second post to the forum. =) I highly reccomend these Darrell Lea sugar free bars. They're surprisingly good, very smooth and creamy and surprise surprise, taste like chocolate! At 1.2 Carbs per 50g Bar. $2.50 per bar. I wouldn't eat one everyday but after ten days chocolate free, these were perfect for cheering me up and keeping me going. I've also been told about Darrell Leas Sugar Free Chocolate coated almonds. 4g of carbs per 90gram bag! I am in love.

  • It took me 3/4 days but that was because I hadn't researched induction properly and I just thought 'Ok all I have to do is eat eggs, meat and veg'. I didn't even think about the carbs in sauces and I was drinking diet coke. It's reccomended to avoid caffeine or artificial sweeteners either.

  • Re: Ketosis?

    agentm - - Low Carb Beginners


    Hi all this is my first post in this forum My ketostix change quite a lot too. As people have pointed out, it's to do with a lot of things. If you drink a lot of water your sticks will be lighter, also I noticed that one night I had two shots of vodka, and the next day my sticks were very light. I did some research and it seems that my body was 'burning the alcohol' instead of fat. Correct me if I'm wrong. At the end of the day, as long as you register some kind of reading it means you're on ket…