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  • I'm about to do 2 Zumba classes a week in Sydney. Will keep you updated on how I go. First class is on Tuesday night and is $15 ( yep a bit pricy when I compare it to my gym membership ) but $30 for my health is not a big thing I guess I was a dancer for my teens and twenties and looking forward to doing something fun and not as formal as a class. On a side note, I adore and love doing JUST DANCE on my Wii - soooo fun !

  • Quote from Mynxy: “e Could put rules etc on first page we all ask the same questions when we get on and know its all here ...but over 200+ pages of posts is a lot to go through trying to find the basics we all ask over and over.” Scrappykat did this a little while ago, just look for the thread "Bodytrim in a nutshell"

  • Quote from ScrappyKat: “I have a couple of questions. In regards to the protein, are the grams 50 for snacks and 100 for meals the dietry grams that make up the food, or the weight of the food? Also, is it a low fat plan?” Weight of the food. From what I gather it is a fairly low fat plan, but from what I recall from the dvd it's not a big deal, and you need good fats. Just cut the fat off the meat etc.

  • Tomatoes are a veggie. I couldn't find anything specific on the flavoured tuna, but go with the less than 10g of carb per 100g rule and it should be ok. Unless someone else knows a bit more than I do !

  • Snacks can be 50-100g From memory pg 188 on this thread has a lot of info on it

  • Quote from Kaz25: “Hey guys, Just want to get your thoughts on my exercise. I dont have a double stroller for the 2 littlies (and my older one cant steer a pram straight on his own) so I was thinking o going to the shops, putting the kids in the trolley and walking up and down the centre (whilst window sopping :D) Is this an acceptable substitute? It is still walking afterall, just without so much sunshine.” Of course it's walking. It may not be heart pumping stuff but you are doing your steps a…

  • Quote from newiegirl: “Yeah daisyrock, I'm guessing I'll feel so sick I won't want to eat the next day anyway. It will feel so naughty eating foods I haven't had for 6 months :)” You may surprise yourself with how ok you feel on and after your Free day

  • From my experience the cravings don't happen after your free day particularly if you do follow it up with the Protein only day. This is just my experience though. I was really quite afraid of eating my 'go to' comfort & yum foods on my FDay but the PO day almost feels like a relief afterwards.

  • It's threatening to think that if it works for you, it might work for them and they don't want to cut out bread and pasta and all that so called 'yummy' stuff and the sugar that is an addiction. Plus we've all been programmed to the so called Healthy Food Pyramid that if we said we'd cut out protein no one would blink an eye ! The cutting out wheat or no white usually helps. Or just say wheat and lactose intolerant. That kinda covers all bases.

  • And the Great Egg Debate of 2010 has been laid to rest:p That's great that they got back to you so quick. Yay for eggs

  • Re: Pork Krackels

    blueshoes - - Low Carb Living


    I had a pack of these last night but I won't be doing it very often - it just feels wrong somehow to have these as a protein snack rather than some chicken or an egg etc. However, when I am in desperate need of crunch and a free day is too far away they will be purchased. Not kept in the house but thoughtfully bought

  • I am losing about .2kg a day at the moment, I'm not doing my protein snacks properly (I'm usually asleep until almost lunch unless I've got something on and up most of the night - ahhh holidays! ), don't get anywhere near my 10 0000 steps and probably eat more than 100g of protein at a time. I guess fixing this stuff up as my weight loss slows down will give me a bit of leeway ( how the heck do you spell that word again?!) and I need to drink water. I was going to kinda ignore the egg thing anyw…

  • I've even searched in the website and in the forums and the articles. There seems to be a little debate but nothing solid.

  • Quote from medina10: “Ok in my book it's page 48. It comes under The Food Lists section. If you look at the Meat and Poultry section they have - Beef, chicken breast, light ham, lamb, turkey, veal, pork tenderloin, egg and egg whites. With the suggested serving sizes. Left side male right side female. Then there is the seafood table then the dairy. Hope that helps. I have to admit my book I have since 2008. So I don't know if it has changed for later versions.” Ok, I'm sticking to my 2007 versio…

  • Quote from medina10: “Go to page 48 But since you're a guy you get to have 2 eggs and 4 egg whites...:D Marcia” Ok, I still can't find in the Bodytrim reference guide where it limits eggs.....tried page 48...I'll keep reading....

  • Quote from theroadto40: “I get bored. I walk for about half an hour - could easily do more but get really bored and don't enjoy it. I really wish I could enjoy exercise.” Put some tunes on your ipod or download a podcast. I used to listen to Jillian Michaels radio podcast when I was walking the Bay Run. Time just flew. That's the only thing I am looking forward to when I go back to work - lol - going for a walk around the bay of an afternoon. Love daylight saving. And I am eating too many eggs, …

  • ... you have a dream where someone offers you lollies and you think "Mmm, lollies, would love a green frog, but too much sugar so no thank you!" Far out I can't even 'enjoy' non BT foods in my dreams ! :p

  • Re: Me too! : )

    blueshoes - - Introduce Yourself


    Lol at your last comment. And perhaps check out the recipe section ? But I have a question - how were you able to do the Met and low carb without the Met causing loo issues and pain without the carbs ?

  • I bought the BT system yesterday. Looking forward to reading the book properly and watching the dvds. Weight loss has slowed somewhat since my free day but I am hoping it's because it's almost TOM time. My belly feels pretty bloated and since I haven't been eating wheat I can't blame it on that.

  • I accidently left my last Oopsie roll on the counter on the cake rack. The cat ate it :O