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  • Reward myself with things that I love. Beauty products, new dresses, shoes and a dinner date with my DH. I am excited for this to happen I am not 55 kgs now but I want to be like 47-52 kgs. I want to have a beautiful body shape too. I think I can lose it for months now and I can't wait to reward myself on that day.

  • You can make veggie sticks at home. Sliced your veggies (carrots and cucumber) and make some dip. It is healthy and low on carbs. I also love making egg sandwiches and some smoothies. You can make your smoothies at night and freeze it overnight. Put it in a mason jar or containers with lid. You can bring it in your office or gym.

  • Oh I love chia seed pudding, you can make some chia seed pudding at home instead of buying it. It is healthy and it is my favorite snack nowadays. Try to put some smash bananas on your pudding it so delicious. I also make my pudding with some almond cocoa butter. I make 5 chia seed puddings a while ago and I am so excited to eat them and share it with my DH.

  • I think it’s when your dress is too large for you or if you feel better. Calculating your BMI is also a must because you will know if you have the right weight. You can also have a healthy and active lifestyle even you reach your desired weight. Exercise daily to maintain your weight. I am now 55 kgs but I want to lose weight more about 5-7 kgs. My skirt is big for me now and I am happy for that. It is one of my achievements now.

  • Almond breads or vegan banana muffins are the best for free days. It has many benefits that can help you to become healthier. You can also eat some organic foods like organic wheat bread; organic bread spread and even an organic chip. You can purchase it at your local markets. Avoid eating salty foods because salt can dries up our skin. During free days I always pamper myself by using a natural facial mask that I bought in our local drugstore.

  • You can make some lemonades or water infused with fruits like; kiwi, lime, lemon, strawberry and others. It has a lot of benefits. Fruits have its own natural sweetener. I like berries it is sour but sweet. When I‘m sick of drinking water alone. I usually do this.

  • Re: home exercises

    maggie919 - - Fitness and Exercise


    Thanks for this post Kayla. I never go to the gym and I love home exercises. It is convenient for me to do some workouts at home. I have a treadmill and stationary bike at home and I use it daily. I spend an hour doing workouts and I love how it helps me to become fit and fab. LOL! During weekends my friend and I are jogging outside. We go the park near our home.

  • I am fond of baking and making low carb bread. I love eating low carb bread because I'm on diet now. I want to have a healthy lifestyle. I jog and run every morning. During weekends I attended a swimming class and yoga class. I'm bit healthy conscious and I don't eat food that is rich carbohydrates.

  • The bread looks so yummy! I will try to make this at home. I like eating almond breads. Almond nuts are one of the best food sources of vitamin E. Many people avoid nuts like almonds when they want to lose weight, thinking they are too high in calories. But nuts are little powerhouses of nutrition and getting a good variety of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.

  • Just make a hot chocolate that is rich in protein. Chocolates can make you awake especially in the morning. Chocolate drinks can give more energy. I just drink a cup of coffee or hot chocolate in the morning before I go to the park and run. The sweet taste of the chocolate helps me to brighten my day. My winter morning is complete with a hot chocolate.

  • I drink 2 cups of tea every day, one in the morning and one before bedtime. Sometimes I add some squeeze lemon to my tea. I drink plenty of waters to avoid dehydration. I don't want my skin to become dry and dull. When it's hot and summer I make some lemonades or lemon infused in cold water. Lemon can help your skin moisturize and rejuvenated.

  • Re: Low Carb Menu Ideas

    maggie919 - - Low Carb Living


    The most obvious vegetable replacement for a pasta noodles is squash and zucchini. Simply shred the squash to become spaghetti pasta and thinly slice the zucchini to become a lasagna noodles. It is healthy and delicious. You will be sure that you are eating a no-carb food. Try this at home and you'll love it.

  • Cardio workout in the morning is good for our body. You can jog every morning around the park or in your place. You can do workouts at home too. Just spend 30 minutes in your treadmill or stationary bike. You can feel the your heart rate is up and you feel good also when you perspire. Also hydrate your body skin. Just drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration.

  • Swimming is a full-body workout. Swimming offers a low-impact aerobic workout that allows you to get your heart rate up without putting pressure on your joints. It is best exercise or sport if you want to lose weight. Swimming targets the muscles in your legs, abdomen, shoulders and arms, enabling you to build up muscle strength and tone.