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  • Hi Sherrie, It goes very slow for me when i have posted a comment or stuff it takes forever to add it, it seems to hang, but the site doesnt load slow tho just posting does

  • paul newmans and s&W actually its a ceasor one both of them lol but i used these ceasor ones on salad and they are pretty low in carbs

  • that mock apple and rhubarb crumble was THE BEST!!!! That was sooooooo delicious, i even took some over for my mum to try and didnt tell her what was in it and she lovedddddd it or she was just being kind hahahaah no but really oh my im making that again!!

  • mock apple sauce

    aussietash - - Desserts and Sweets


    Alrighty im not sure if there is a recipe for this here. I just finished making it and oh my goshness it is gooooooood and u wouldnt know its not apple!!! Im making some for christmas day to go with the pork Ingredients 1 choko Xylitol Cinnamon Apple cider vinegar 50g butter (estimate) Method All i did was for the tester 1 choko peeled and cut into chunky cubes then i mixed together some xylitol cinnamon and apple cider vinegar enough to cover the choko Anyways i marinated them for 1 day in a se…

  • this sounds soooooo good im gonna make this, ive a chicken in the freezer and with this recipe it will be waiting for me to stuff it hahah cant wait to make it

  • Re: low carb eclairs

    aussietash - - Low Carb Living


    thanks for the link PP, one question tho about it, what is oat flour? And does it have many carbs? I know gluten flour has about 24g per cup i think or more

  • ohhhhhh fake maple how do u make that? Or is it the one in the bottle with no sugar and only 5g carbs? Yep bake in the old days they added them to make the apples go further, some of the oldies ive talked to have said they always knew it was choko lol

  • i do like rhubarb, just never had the whole choko with it tho, it is still in the fridge, BUT i shall try it tonight for dessert lol maybe nah i will try it * insert creepy spooky music*

  • i do too love them yum yum baked in the oven drool drool, just not game yet to try the mock apple and rhubarb im a sook lol

  • low carb eclairs

    aussietash - - Low Carb Living


    Anyne got a recipe for them?? I would soooooo love to make some

  • oh yayyyy thanks for the recipes :D, i was telling my mum just the other day about doing that yule log, im gonna try it this week hopefully it will turn out ok, i know it wont be looking the same or taste exactly the same as the proper one but hey if its lo carb i do not care ohhhh as long as it tastes great which im sure it will lol Ive tried the pav without sugar and it just doesnt work, the sugar needs to be in it, i use Perfect Sweet but it doesnt seem to work like sugar ah well might just h…

  • Christmas food/recipes

    aussietash - - Low Carb Recipes


    Alrighty, has anyone got some good recipes for christmas food??:cool: Im trying to rack my brain to think of some , i do have the rum balls one sinders put, anything else pleaseeeeeeeee i dont wanna go overboard on the day or the day after for that one haha Thanks everyone:D * we need a christmas smiley* Ok or any links to some LC christmas recipes would do too

  • Re: Rum Balls

    aussietash - - Desserts and Sweets


    ooooo they sound good, what kind of oil to use in it sinders? I think i shall be making some of these for christmas

  • ah ok, im not worried about gluten tho, just wanted to know what it is like and stuff in cooking:)

  • yeah i got an email saying about the sale too, but just havent ordered any, i got some noodles from the asian shop last week they arent to bad and the fishy smell goes away when i washed them altho they did pong , they arent to bad tho really, i think they are a little rubbery kind of but still not bad

  • Hi Kapay wow 9 months lol welcome welcome and good luck on your journey

  • I use Perfect Sweet too i like it, and serisouly to me it tastes exactly like sugar, i love it in my tea and it is expensive too, but today i got a bargain 1kg for $13 of Xylitol i was chuffed with that and its the same as the perfect sweet 100% Xylitol, i usually pay $14.95 for the perfect sweet one and its not a kilo i think its only 500grams

  • Yeps Sherrie make them alot, im gonna try a dessert with them tomorrow well hopefully haha of course im going to do the mock apple and rhubarb crumble too....... I dont like the flax ones too much i tried things with that, i just think it has a weird taste but thats me:rolleyes: I did get some lupin flour today cheap so i will have a go with that somehow and see what happens. They had gluten flour it was a little high in carbs but not hugely really but the lupin was lower:cool: Analog6 what did …

  • oh i used to just love bread yum yum especially the one i used to bake, but it makes my levels go thru the roof i found that if i was going to have bread i needed to inject lots of insulin to cover it, but yes it made me feel tired too, its funny how when u go lo carb everything seems so much clearer

  • Re: Back again

    aussietash - - Introduce Yourself


    welcome back:cool: i came back too after being away since about march i think lol