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  • Re: High Cholesterol is Good

    Lilly - - Low Carb Living


    Just another reason to get into those egg yolks, huh? I dislike how those of power/reputation will stigmatise certain things and influence the opinion of masses on certain subjects(say, eggs in this instance). They have the ability destroy their reputation for a long time. To this day my parents will raise their eyebrows, and warn me of 'cholesterol' if I have eggs more than twice a week.

  • Quote from janal: “Yea CK is ok although you do have to watch the fresh food section, if it's packaged it's usually ok but if it's salad & vege items you need to subtract the fibre from the carbs as they use an american database for these items. We don't count it that way here. I still like CK for it's ease of use. Hope I got that all correct :D” Hm. So does this mean that the carb count is higher than it really is? If you change your preferences to include the Carb count AND the ECC (Effective …

  • Wow, Fee! You're almost there, lucky duck! Ohhh...I love a Friday drink. Luckily BF is away fishing, and so I didn't feel the urge. The weather is crap as he might be on the way the real test is coming....:rolleyes:

  • It does look like fun on the informercial. Bit pricy though.

  • Re: Hi from Melbourne

    Lilly - - Introduce Yourself


    Hello & welcome there's a word I haven't heard in a while. Pretty too.

  • I subtract the fibre. Most of the carbs listed ARE fibre...and I think Sherrie means that, well,'ll know when you get to the bathroom so don't worry bout it throwing you out of K

  • Re: Shepherds pie with Cauli Mash

    Lilly - - Meat Recipes


    That sounds so yum-mm-o!!

  • ALOT!!! I buy 4 cartons per week! Sometimes more! BF eats 5 hardboiled for brekkie sometimes and he's pretty healthy. I eat about 12-24 a week...and use them in heaps of recipes!

  • I didn't have a good day either, LB

  • Intermittent fasting...a bit like what you did yesterday, only you give yourself an eating window. So you might skip brekky and lunch, but have dinner . It works well for me cause it gives me a smaler eating window to get all my calories in, so I dont overeat and it supresses my appetite. Also, I find when I have brekky (which I do mostly), it get my metabolism revvd so I'm hungry all day. I like doing IF sometimes, just so I don't have to eat all day. More info:…-…

  • Another really good day and my appetite has really gone down (TOM has gotten lost as well, so all is good :D) Did IF today, so that might also account for the appetite suppression. Went to town to pick up some groceries. My bike battery went flat so I spent 10mins trying to kick start the bloody thing. Was exhausted and faint by the end of it!! Eating window: 3pm-5pm - - 50g tuna patty - 200g mince burgers (3) - 50g dried anchovies (not very nice on their own...taste like cat food!) - 200g deli …

  • Hi Liz Great work! I'm on day 3 of BT (prev low carb). Good luck! Lilly

  • Bradders: I don't feel I have cravings for anything really. I stopped drinking peps max and other soft drinks and it hasnt been hard at all (miracle for me!). I am craving a sugar free chocolate bar...but its not a crazy "I want it now!" craving...just something to look forward to on free day. How about you? Fee: Your meat balls sound yum yum! How are you going with cravings? I'm thinking of having free day on Sunday too. I'll weigh in on Mondays, too...although I'm super tempted to check it out…

  • Thanks Janal! Can't wait to try them out.

  • Alternate names? I read somewhere the supplier is in Wagga/Griffith! =D Never thought that living in the middle of nowhere might mean I get access to exotic foods! Will have to check them out today...hopefully I like them!

  • Oh thats great, Bradders!! Congrats, what a massive loss!! I'm too chicken too weigh just yet...tomorrow morning for sure tho! My pants are much much looser though!! I have to pull the straps and button them on the furtherst button, so I'm optimistic! Day 3 here too!~

  • Re: Christelle

    Lilly - - Introduce Yourself


    Oh, I haven't weighed myself in ages, so havent updated my ticker. I use a pair of pants to measure if I've lost centimetres. Today is Day 3 of detox, so far so good. I will weigh myself tomorrow morning and report in!

  • Thanks Sherrie, that totally skipped my mind!!:o

  • Hey Bootcampers & Cap'n Ladybird, Did well on plan: B: 200g Meatballs (mince,spice,soysauce,egg, psyllium husk) S:200g Meatballs L: 200g Tuna patties (same as meatballs only tuna instead of mince and extra egg) S: 30g Tuna patties D: 200g Meatballs Thats alot of protein, but my appetite is still tapering off. Fluids: 7 times 600mL water, 10 mugs green tea, 2 mugs black coffe, sf jelly Went for a walk around river and short ride to run dog. So far so good...cant wait for reward day. Am thinking o…

  • Quote from Motiv8me: “Those Well Naturally choc bars are not good... suffer for days with bloating and smelly gas after eating one of those... you would be better off with going for a few squares of 86% cocoa choc... bitter, but hits the spot without the bloating...:cool:” I only have a couple of squares at a time...only seem to cause problems when I eat the entire bar!!! Belle: Thanks again! Reanie: I make hard boiled eggs for snacks, meat balls (similar to Belle's chicken meatballs, only with …