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  • small side note, i heard men in south america used stevia as a contraceptive for centuries... cheers, lea

  • Quote from Sherrie: “I don't buy any stocks because they always have MSG, even the organic ones, they just hide it under "yeast extract" which as far as I am concerned is insulting! ” i hate that too. if anyone knows a stock brand that doesn't contain glutamate i'd be grateful for the tip. cheers, lea

  • very confused about pH reading

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    i'm really confused. i've been reading lots lately about the importance of a balanced body pH level. so far so good, went to buy the test strips and did the reading, just like ketone sticks... BUT, finding out the ideal level of urinary pH isn't as straight forward as i had hoped. for every source i find that says a close to neutral pH is favourable, i find another one stating that it should be very acidic as a proof the body is getting rid of its acidic substances... does anyone know which is t…

  • fast food anyone?

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    hard to believe but this is no joke... don't forget to check out their Diet site too

  • Re: Hi from another newbie

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    maybe we need a new thread for vegetarians doing low carb?

  • unfermented soy is generally not very healthy but i suppose if you don't use it all the time it'd be ok. as for the gnocchis, my idea would be to add some psyllium husks, they usually make stuff hold together well. just an idea though, i've never tried it....

  • Quote from Wicked1: “ So to prepare for my new change and approach to food I have done the following. I thought it important to feel as positive about myself from the beginning as I could. Therefore Wednesday night I got my hair trimmed and coloured and my eyebrows waxed and tinted too. I polished my shoes and boots, got out my favourite jewellery and clothes and immediately felt lifted. ” loving your approach hello, welcome and good luck, wicked! cheers, lea

  • i've never tried low carb pasta of any sort so far but it sounds like a great addition for my vegetarian lifestyle! i don't like to buy things online but going to test as soon as i find it in the shops, i'd be awesome to make lasagna again!

  • hi charlotte and welcome i've been eating low carbish for a while already but now started on a vegetarian style of low carb and it's going well. best of luck to you! cheers, lea

  • a short but interesting article i found in the course of my research about vegetarism... Quote: “Animal Hormones Cause Obesity Animal hormones are given to farm animals to fatten them up for market. The hormones in meat can also fatten us up as well. If we are what we eat, then we are what the animals we eat - eat. After a weight loss plateau, I learned about the hormones in meat. I started eating grass fed beef, pastured pork, and free range chicken. I quickly started losing weight again. Peopl…

  • i've seen it in health shops for about 9 AUD.... however they have to use stabilizers and stuff, so homemade is best and cheapest. this link will show you how, it's really simple!…memade-almond-milk/#step1

  • finally! after looking for a decent, healthier substitute for milk in my coffee i've found almond milk. it tastes great and has no bacteria (dead or alive), it's good for people with lactose intolerance and it's low carb. i'm really pleased i've made it myself (the shop bought milk is quite expensive) and the "leftovers" are pure almond meal, so no waste at all. cheers, lea

  • meal times

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    i'm not a huge fan of primal blueprint or paleo diets, but i've found this article today on mark's daily apple and found it an interesting read: Quote: “The issue of meal timing is a dense thicket of conflicting advice, a mix of conventional wisdom dispensed from USA Today articles, broscience on Internet forums, and confusing physiological feedback from a dysfunctional metabolism. How can one wade through it all and stay sane? You’ve been told your entire life that breakfast is the most importa…

  • it's me again and i've just finished the third big slice of cake :D. and since it's soooo yummy i decided to post my exact ingredients and prep. the cake has such an amazing light texture, next time i'll make muffins from the dough... 180g almond meal 1 cup of xylitol or equivalent 3/4 cup of dessicated coconut 2 TBL Flaked Almonds 1/4 tsp salt 4 egg yolk 5 egg whites 1.5 tsp vanilla extract 1.5 tsp baking powder pinch of cream of tartar prep: 1. separate eggs and beat egg whites until stiff wit…

  • i've made this cake for the first time a week ago. it was absolutely yummy!!! the only thing i didn't like about it so much was that i found it slightly too fatty :rolleyes:. so today i started a different approach and left out the butter but instead beat the egg whites and used some baking powder. the result is just awesome. it looks and tastes the same as the original, but the texture is lighter and less fatty. this will definitely become a staple for me used for brekkie and whenever i feel li…

  • Quote from KKitten: “ PS: more detail in my member's diary!” ... which is where i replied :D. no reason to worry at all though, scales are quite deceptive and not really very reliable to reflect what happened with your body since it doesn't take a lot of factors into account like water retention, cycle, and yes, even things like the weather can affect the number on the scales....

  • that looks like an amazing cake, definitely going to try it soon :). i just can't believe there's no baking powder in it, i've checked the recipe multiple times, can this be? also, has someone tried making it with stiff egg whites? cheers, lea

  • Quote from Dani:): “ Lea I think the main thing for me is the scales. My energy is great, mood fantastic and I sleep brilliantly every night. I crave other foods occasionally but find that I can easily turn them down knowing I have a free day coming and then even when I have a free day I dont get much enjoyment out of eating bad foods. ” hi dani, this is a great place to be in, really, and much better than the other way around... if you had a fast weight loss but would constantly crave other foo…

  • hey dani, sorry to hear you are having a tough time :(. what do you think is making you feel low, do you not like the foods you "should" be eating? do you have cravings for other things? or is it mostly the numbers on the scales? how do you feel besides the scales not moving? how's you energy, mood, sleep patterns, etc? hugs, lea

  • Re: Hello

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    i second that! it's freezing! welcome cooking