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  • hi sherrie!!! I'm so so sorry, I thought I had written back! Thank you so much for all of your help and advice!! Well Naturally do have choc chips, quite expensive... Where do you get your unsweetened cranberries from? Warm Regards Rhiannon

  • hi Sherrie, thank you for your reply! I have had a look on iherb, but when I went check out, my postage was over 40$ for 4 items?? Does that sound about right?? Do you know of any way to get reduced postage? Thankyou for all of your help! Your website is fantastic!! Rhi

  • hey guys, Coles sells packets of raw pork rinds in the meat section. They usually have about 2-4 in a pack. I buy that, add my own flavorings and bake them up 1 at a time and freeze the others individually. Heaps better than packaged chips.. I also put the cooked ones in a zip lock bag to have handy as quick snacks! They last a couple of days (if they don't get eaten before then!!

  • I love this bread!! Handy to have a loaf in the freezer, and get out a slice or two when needed. I have baked my own low carb bread in the past, but this is handy to have when time is of the essence Rhi

  • hi guys, I'm a married mum of two kids from the gold coast australia. I've been doing LCHF for a few months now, and I love it!! I've done the whole yo-yo dieting my whole life, I've tried nearly everything. This is the only healthy way of living (diet, if you like) that I've stuck to for more than a couple of weeks, without feeling deprived and "falling off the wagon". I feel healthy, satisfied, I have more energy, I haven't lost weight (I didn't really need to) but my skin has toned up. Admitt…