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  • Gestational diabetes usually diagnosed second half of pregnancy sometimes 20th week according to Mayo CLinic.

  • Quote from LCKK: “Thank you Snez, Its easy to get bored with different approaches, I think once you have tried/learnt a few you can incoporate helpful eating habbits along the way from each. Take on board what works for you. Thanks again for the support.” I totally agree. Its doing what works for you!!

  • LCKK, I do think the Dukan diet can work but I add some fat to the lean protein. Also, I limit the artificial sweeteners to the bare minimal. That is when I was doing the diet. I fell off it - not sure why probably got tired of it. But I have seen a lot of success stories.

  • Try to limit the artificial sweeteners. Don't really like the sound of diet coke chicken. Diet coke has aspartame and wouldn't the cooking (heat) activate the aspartame more? Think I read somewhere that the American soldiers had crates of diet coke heating up in the sun and it was really bad for them.

  • It didn't shock me at all - she's indigenous and as an athlete probably relied heavily on the carbohydrates and carried on eating the same way after.

  • I would think you are hungry because you didn't have much sleep and your body is giving you signals to eat so that it gives you some energy. Not getting much sleep interferes with weight loss.

  • Quote from Aspiring: “"When too little carbohydrate is consumed, say less than 50g per day, the body starts to break down fat and protein to make energy."” Heaven forbid it breaks down fat - Isn't that what you want on a weight loss diet!!!

  • Illness mars the joy of pregnancy for champion runner What a heading - thought she was dying or something. Started thinking she will risk her life to give birth to baby - sacrificing herself for baby as they did in the good old days when giving birth was risky. But when I read further saw it was just diabetes. Not that diabetics isn't serious but I wouldn't call it an illness. As an aboriginal she should definitely be a low-carber.

  • This isowhey is sold on TVSN but we also sold it in the naturopathic student clinic. Good for those who miss breakfast. Atleast they can get some protein and vitamins with the shake. Can add milk or coconut milk, fruit etc. Depending on your preference. I would prefer real foods but I find shakes come in handy on the odd occasion. My husband has an isowhey shake every morning as its quick and easy for him and he likes it.

  • Welcome Nic. Sorry about your miscarriages. low carb will definitely help with PCOS. Good luck with it all. I am from WA too - Perth.

  • Thanks ladies. I am loving feeling thin ATM and looking forward to watching the kilos drop off! Hopefully they don't take too long but I am not in a mad, panic rush. No weddings or such to slim down for.

  • I'm back to ticker weight today! Now to start losing more.

  • Quote from jojoamethyst: “day 2 dropped 1.2kg of fluid overnight cant be too unhappy with that” I was expecting that. You should be very happy.

  • Quote from fiona: “No. I'm at 68.5. I was just too embarrassed to update the ticker. I've done it now to give myself that reminder that I need to do something! ” Fiona, you'll be back to 66kg before you know it. Just take it steady. I'm up in weight too at 68kg but don't want to change my ticker. I'm glad I weighed as I was a bit scared.

  • Fiona, Are you at 66kg now? Deen, it was stinking hot yesterday. Had to walk in the heat to pick up YS. Its going to be another stinker today but it seems to be changing the rest of the week. I weighed myself and was 68kg so not too much damage. Now to lose some fat before Chrissie.

  • Back to the Christmas Challenge - after a big absence. Actually starting today a 21 Day Holiday Meltdown with a whole load of people on Facebook. Needed it for extra motivation. Christmas day will probably be stinking hot so need to get into those sleeve-less dresses and tops or shorts. Not sure what I weigh. Will weigh tomorrow - kind of scared!!

  • That's no good. With ebay you should get your money back.

  • In my monthly newsletter I get about natural products etc they were talking about a product from Blooms called Svelte GCB 45 which is a green coffee product. They were saying how it is out of stock because of high demand when it was on Today Tonight. I think it's similar/same as the lepton green coffee 800. Haven't heard of Svelte until now so need to read up on it when I get access to Bloom's practitioner website.

  • I had an urge to eat some crusty bread last night. Bought it at lunchtime which the kids ate and hubby and I avoided. I thought I did so well avoiding it all day would be a shame to cave at about 10pm in the evening. So I didn't eat it!

  • Quote from Chelles: “same.. been SO busy (walked a bajillion kms) but had quite a few carbs Will weigh tomor. Going to PO until we leave.. (which is in 5 days WOOHOO!) so in effect doing a mini-dukan. Going to up the fat though as otherwise its not too good for my innards ;)” The walking is good that you did. Maybe do some weights to empty the glycogen stores in your muscles which were probably filled up by eating quite a few carbs. Doing a mini-dukan sounds like a good idea.