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  • Thanks guys. Not too sure what BGLs are!! but presume not good to have high ones for any of us. I found 85% dark choc at Aldi today approx $2.25 a block haven't checked the label for carb content yet but it is good quality chocolate very like Lindt. Have concluded that Maltitol is worth avoiding.:eek:; any chance of having the pumpkin cake recipes-they sound pretty good.

  • Quote from Trish: “Thanks Sherrie, that was helpful info-was a bit concerned about the ingredients of the other::confused: But it did taste pretty good!!!:D” Just me again. I googled Maltitol and found a couple of US blogs with LOTS of comments about bloating, diarrhia (can't spell it!!), severe stomach cramps etc etc so looks like that's what has been a major ingredient in foods I've encountered in the past with uncomfortable side effects. Looks like my sugar-free chocolate treat may not be the…

  • Thanks Sherrie, that was helpful info-was a bit concerned about the ingredients of the other::confused: But it did taste pretty good!!!:D

  • This chocolate conversation is great!!!! Am interested to hear that some people stall when they have the sugarless one and am a bit concerned about the maltitol stuff. Have not heard before about 85% choc being OK occasionally so maybe I'll go that path for my "fix" Aldi have some excellent good quality dark Choc (Belgium)just like Lindt but cheaper. Will check whether they have any 85%. Their blocks are always $2.25 or thereabouts.

  • Thanks for the recipe for mousse-sounds wonderful. Does anyone know what maltilol is?(one of the ingredients of the choc) Have never heard of it before and wonder if it's as bad as aspartane(?spelling)

  • Glad you like this chocolate also aussietash-you really only need a square or 2 to satisfy any choc craving. I'll try some of the flavours you suggested-was it strawberrry you liked!!!!! Agree that $5.50 seems a lot but you can make it last and it's nice to have when everyone is eating chocolate in front of you! Good luck

  • Quote from Gosfordgirl: “Thanks everyone - I knew it was silly to worry, but I do feel better now. Liz, we're thinking of getting some chooks for the eggs too - are you on a farm? We're in suburbia, but just found out that they allow hens, so we're in the planning stages. What sort of hens do you have? My aunt who lives on acreage, has hens and suggested we get a type called Isa Brown. Still researching.” Isa Browns are great layers. We have quite a few. Their eggs are a good size ie quite big. …

  • Today I found some low-carb sugarless gluten free chocolate-(licorice flavoured) (can't taste it though!!) It's called Blues Gourmet Sugarless Chocolate. There seems to be a few different flavours. Ingredients are: Maltitol (?) cocoa paste cocoa butter inulin (?) cocoa powder soy lecithin artificial and natural licorice. There is also a web site: or The flavour is just like any dark choc but perhaps not as smooth a texture as a good chocolate(not too bad thou…

  • No probs Jak just think goddess!!

  • Quote from jakimac: “HElp.... I am getting worried about the scales heading in the wrong direction for the whole week! was 84.4 early in the week... this morning I am 85.8... and the ONLY naughty thigs i have eaten all week is two slices of toast with vegemite least night cause I am getting the flu and feel like crap.. Really disheartened, even went to the gym last night, though I was feeling rotten.. i am drinking at least 2 litres water a day, eating regularly.. not having trouble with portion…

  • Re: Low Carb Meatballs

    Trish - - Snacks Galore


    psyllium is what metamucil is made from. You can buy psyllium at healthfood stores or even some supermarkets-it's much cheaper that way and a dessertspoon in water or sprinkled over food AFTER you've cooked it (otherwise it's gluggy) will take care of constipation probs. \Also supposed to be good for high cholesterol. Just make sure you drink lots of water during the day as well when using the psyllium.

  • thanks Dani, you've been really helpful. Good luck with your journey. Looks as if you're doing well.

  • Thanks so much for the exercise info Danni-really helpful.I hate gyms but happy to exercise at home so will improvise as you suggested. Have tried the little cheesecakes recipe and find that good. Where do I find more sweet recipes? -not having any trouble with savoury ideas. Am avoiding chocolates easily. Thanks again- this website is just so helpful.

  • Thankyou Danni-your reply was really helpful. I "did" Atkins 8 years ago and lost weight easily and quickly and kept all the weight off easily on low-carb for years. 1/2 stone crept on even though I've been largely low-carb-ie no bread etc but with a new husband occasional cakes and chocolates(!) have caused some havoc. I walk briskly for an hour a day and exercise bike for 20 mins most days plus yoga 1x/week but will take on your suggestion of some other weight-bearing exercises-Any suggestions…

  • Re: In or out of ketosis?

    Trish - - Ketosis and Ketosticks


    Having same diffs as lots of you-exercising daily, sticking to diet rigidly, not super hungry, pink-purple ketostix and weight not budging. Helps to know others having similar probs. Will persevere-it's worked for me before.

  • Have been in ketosis for a least 4 days -have been on low carb for a week but weight still same. Am exercising each day and drinking plenty of water but I am post-menopausal so wonder if that's got anything to do with no weight loss yet. Only have a few kilos to lose.

  • this sure got people going didn't it? Loved the funny reasons "wobbly thighs" etc but it is interesting the way some people become very self-righteous and "concerned" for your wellbeing. We humans just seem to love telling everyone else what to do. This low-carb diet is fun for lots of reasons even if only to irritate others!

  • Would love to see their faces!

  • It certainly pushes people's buttons. I'm doing the "can't eat wheat" thing too-it's easier than having silly arguments. Have done Atkins before and found it very good with weight off for a number of years-felt great but now just need to shift a few kilos that have crept back on. Trish

  • Re: Trish

    Trish - - Introduce Yourself


    You seem to be doing pretty well anyway JoJo. I get excited every time the stick goes the right colour!! Amazing what can please a small mind. i could be becoming obsessive!