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  • Apologies for the lack of updates. It's been a very busy few weeks My last 3 weeks of weigh in's up to last Friday 95.4, 94.6, 93.6 (current weight)

  • Forgot to check in: 94.7kg for me this week

  • Official Weigh In: 95.1kg I knew I could drop the weight I put on, but I didn't think I would do it THAT quickly.

  • Weigh in: 96.4kg Not too phased since the show has finished and am now on 2 weeks holiday. I can finally get back to a normal routine and head to the gym more frequently

  • It's official. I have no idea how the hell my body works. I have had an insane week. I am stressed out of my brain at work being acting supervisor which has led to (a) a depressive eating cycle and (b) working back so late that I have to get dinner at whatever the hell is still open at that time of night, which usually means junk food. On top of all this, my parents flew up from Melbourne to see my show (which finishes this weekend) which meant lots of being taken out to dinner (at places that a…

  • Quote from rosen: “Hi everyone Loss of 500 grams making it 109.1” Great work Rosen !!!! I see you have your goals set roughly 10kg apart, which is great, but I was wondering if it might be worth reducing it to 5kg gaps in goals ? This is what I do and I find it more motivational to do it in smaller chunks since (a) they are more manageable and achievable and (b) being smaller you can reach them quicker. Ultimately though, you do what works for you. You are doing an excellent job so far (as is ev…

  • Official weigh in this week: 95.6kg All I can say is....PHEW !!!!!!!! With the show opening last weekend and continuing to run for the next 2 weekends, on top of a massively increased workload as I am acting supervisor, it has been very difficult to maintain my routine....and in fact occasionally I have found myself back in a depressive eating cycle. I had an extra cheat meal (albeit small) on Sunday at my dear friends 70th birthday party, and nearly had a king size coronary when the scales at g…

  • Well......that was unexpected Official weigh in: 95.9kg I'll happily take it but I can't for the life of me figure out how I managed to lose weight after not exercising since last Saturday and having so many birthday related functions last week.

  • Will be posting my weigh in tomorrow, but have already written this week off as having a gain. Between various birthday functions, longer work hours and extra rehearsals for my show which opens Friday it has been nigh on impossible to keep to my usual routine. Have not been to the gym since Saturday because of all the craziness, and have had to just grab whatever dinners I could in the limited time between getting home from work and then rushing to the theatre. I'm hoping the gain isn't too grea…

  • Thanks Kell, although this week may be different. It was my birthday yesterday so have allowed myself a few little more treats than I normally would.

  • Official weight: 96.4kg

  • Just a heads up that my weigh in will be late this week. Have been at rehearsals for my show Tuesday, Wednesday and will be there again tonight so haven't had a chance to get to the gym to get my weight (I like to use the same scales for the weigh-ins for accuracy). I will be weighing myself tomorrow night at gym so can give a weight then, although because I have missed my normal Wednesday session I fear I may plateau or slightly increase this week. If you need to put a weight in as a place hold…

  • Quote from Sherrie: “I was wondering what show is in 2 weeks? Im sorry if you've already told me but I cant remember. ” I don't think I have Sherrie. I'm performing in the stage version of 'Allo 'Allo at Sunnybank Theatre Group in Brisbane opening on September 19 and running to October 4. I will be playing the part of everyones favourite Gestapo member, Herr Flick If there are any Brisbanites interested in coming along you can book tickets through [/blatant plug]

  • Quote from Sherrie: “Hey Rangi, BeeDee, Robbi, Linaz and Nicole, how are you guys and gals going? Apologies if I missed anyone, I just looked a couple of pages back :)” Hey Sherrie Going along pretty well. Have dropped almost 6kg now but still a long way to go. The wife just bought me a Fitbit Flex fitness band which will help me get some quantitative analysis on how I am going. My show starts in just under 2 weeks so things may get a bit difficult weight wise during the run of the show but I wi…

  • Quote from 2kellen2: “ Great weight loss Rangi - :applause:” LOL sorry to burst the bubble, but my weight is 97.2, not 96.2

  • Apologies for the late post. Weigh in this week = 97.2kg Fantastic loss Carm !!

  • Tonight's weigh in: 97.8 kg

  • Quote from 2kellen2: “Good work Rangi - look what you've lost for the month :first:” Thanks kellen Not looking forward to tonight's weigh in though. I fear I may have put on a little this week. It's not that I have been bad as such, but call it a gut feeling (both figurative & literal :P) We'll see tonight anyway *fingers crossed* Jason

  • Just got back from the bake day, and there was a magnificant stroke of luck. It turns out there is someone here at work (I don't know who) who is also on BT or another low-carb diet as there was a plate of low-carb chocolate protein slice !!!!! I had a few pieces of that, one chocolate coated strawberry and a thin slice of lemon-raspberry tart. I don't feel quite as guilty now as I really didn't eat all that much and I will be at the gym tonight anyway.

  • Hey folks I'm hoping you can help me here. While I am not struggling in losing weight (so far), I am finding that even after following the recommended portion sizes and drinking the water that I am still very much hungry. It's not necessarily carb cravings, but just a general feeling of hungriness that is trying to compel me to eat more. As a big guy, I do have quite a voracious appetite. I'm feeling very unsatisfied fullness wise. I'll eat lunch (red wine meatloaf) and about 10 minutes after I …