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  • Hi Sweetroseau First of all make small goals, when you reach the first one , make the next goal etc. I find I take one meal at a time. Most of as forget that our weight we have put on didn't happen over night or in a few weeks. Another thing that has helped me is starting to say, I chose NOT to eat that, instead of I CAN"T have that. And if I chose to eat something off plan , I don't keep PIGGING OUT. I get back on plan the very next meal. SO take one day at a time, they all add up, YOU CAN DO T…

  • Hi Summermum Don't forget you might start to go through a detox ! With cutting down or out things like the biscults, coffee etc. I remember I went through the detox, I felt very tired for a few days, BUT then got lots of energy, started to sleep better. I know some people also got bad head-aches while they went throught the detox, SO hang in their. Lady bird

  • I follow Sureslim off and on . I like how I feel when following it, SureSlim has bread and pasta into their plans now. One of the breakfast I still have is yoghurt, fruit, and I mix the seeds in plus flaxmeal. I never feel hungery. I have tried many diets over the years, BUT I found I got the best results with Sure Slim. The main thing is finding what works the best for you. WE ALL STILL NEED SUPPORT, which I know you will get it from this forum !! Lady bird

  • I love black coffee now BUT when out I some times have black coffee and ask for some cream in a small jug. And Then I sometimes have a normal coffee with the milk

  • Thanks for that very interesting read, I have felt that Global warming was a lot of hot wind, so they could put prices up and up etc. Lady bird

  • I am a Scale junkie as well I weigh every morning as well !! Lady bird

  • Re: Spearole tea

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    Hi, This is what came up when I google it. Each cup of SPEAROL E Tea contains the antioxidants of 3 whole cups of tea (Spearmint, Olive Leaf and Green Tea) and a glass of Red Wine. A refreshing spearmint tea highly concentrated with a diverse array of antioxidants. Each 150 gram pack makes 100 cups of tea. Available from leading Pharmacies - Terry White, Malouf and Health Food stores. Scientists at The University of Queensland, headed by Associate Professor Lindsay Brown, have made remarkable pr…

  • Re: New Challenge

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    Count me in to

  • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BOOT CAMP IS CLOSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AS NOT ENOUGH INTEREST.

  • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT IS DAY ONE OF THIS BOOT CAMP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I DO HOPE SOME OF YOU WILL JOIN ME FOR THIS BOOT CAMP !!!!! Lady bird I had a better day food wise breakfast yoghurt, seeds, fruit, flaxmeal Lunch Chicken and salad, plus apple Dinner Meat and vegies Captain Lady bird


  • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT IS DAY 14 OF THIS BOOT CAMP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT IS THE LAST DAY OF THIS BOOT CAMP NEW ONE STARTING MONDAY Daisy I understand ! I have been dealing with alot over the last few weeks as well !! So see you Monday Annabelle I know where you are coming from So see you MOnday THIS BOOT CAMP IS NOW CLOSED Cpatian Lady bird

  • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT IS DAY 13 OF THIS BOOT CAMP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ONE MORE DAY LEFT OF THIS BOOT CAMP HOPE THE TROUPS ARE HAVING A GREAT WEEKEND, AND BEING STRONG Thanks Sam for poping in Captian Lady bird

  • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT IS DAY 11 OF THIS BOOT CAMP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Annabelle Yes walking around the shops counts in my books WELL DONE for not turning to FOOD, after a bit of a stressful day Daisy You are STILL getting those migraines, for poor thing !!!!!!!!! Lady bird I had a better day food wise, BUT still not 100% CAptain Lady bird

  • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT IS DAY 10 OF THIS BOOT CAMP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Annabelle Hope you like your new scales !! Just remember they might weigh A bit more BUT if they do, take it as a starting weight with your new scales Great that your clothes are feeling better Daisy That's O.K. just come in and say how you went for the day etc. Lady bird not be 100% for last few days, Have had alot to deal with. CAptain Lady bird

  • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT IS DAY 8 OF THIS BOOT CAMP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Annabelle Alot of scales can do that I use a pair of pants that are too tight, and try them on once a week, and when they fit I do it with another pair etc. Plus I don't get down about the number on the scale any more. I know If I have been 100% or not Lady bird breakfast protein drink with frozen fruit. Lunch: salad and cream cheese sandwich Dinner Steak and vegies, apple Where are the rest of the troups !!!!!!!!!!…

  • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT IS DAY 7 OF THIS BOOT CAMP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WELL ONE WEEK DOWN , AND ONE WEEK TO GO well troups lets put that week behind as , AND LETS BE 100% FOR THIS WEEK CAptain Lady bird

  • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT IS DAY 4 OF THIS BOOT CAMP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Daisy Roll on 69 How did you go food wise today ???? Annabelle Great to see how you have being going with your weight lose over that last few weeks SO WELL DONE You did very well when you were out etc Captain Lady bird

  • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT IS DAY 3 OF THIS BOOT CAMP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Daisy Told you that gain would be gone soon :p :p So well done !! Food looks good Annabelle Food looks good so well done Hope your head feels better tomorrow CAptain Lady bird

  • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT IS DAY TWO OF THIS BOOT CAMP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sam They run for 14 days at a time ! BUT when ones finishes the next BOOT CAMP starts the next day etc. They will keep running all the time. So you are very welcome to join as Annabelle Great to have you back in BOOT CAMP again YOur dinner out sounded yummy, hope you enjoyed it , Lady bird I didn't have a good day food wise BUT back on track tomorrow How did you go today Daisy ?? CAptain Lady bird