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  • Thankyou Sherrie, Kellen & Lala Im glad to have heard from the three of you as you were all there for support the first time round, your support means everything. thank you.... I have started round two on BT today, mothers day of all days. But its just another day so its no big deal. I'm feeling pretty lousy today because my husband didnt go to any effort for it and my daughter is not quite two yet so she has no idea that its meant to be a special day for mum. Needless to say I'm feeling a bit s…

  • Hi everyone, I dont know what I'm feeling worse about at the moment. The fact that I fell off the wagon in my 5th week on BT, or the fact that I am now carrying more weight then when I first started. My husbands birthday came along and with him being a chocoholic - his family filled the house with easily accessible chocolate and cakes & everything irresistable to a dieter. I then folded to my TOM cravings and got sick with a viral infection so turned to food for comfort while I felt crappy. I wa…

  • Thanks everyone for your replies.... I've kind of punished myself for such a bad week by having 2 protein only days. I'm hoping this will kick me back into gear. Hi Chann & welcome to my thread! Thanks for the motivation, I need to dig deep and put my priorities back in order! I too make 50g patties and rely on turkey meat for my protein snacks. I've been using small amounts of sauces too to get me by. I have a question for you, are we allowed to have extra virgin olive oil on our cooking? I've …

  • Re: Your Favourite telly shows

    WobblyMummy - - The Lounge


    HUbby and I are completely hooked on the following at the moment, We've just finished watching episode 9 which hasnt aired here yet and we cant get enough!! I am addicted to Downton Abbey, not happy that it finishes this Sunday!! Then there's also Greys anatomy, the much adored Offspring and ones I watch with hubby like american porn and pickers. My daytime "mummy time" has been watching re-runs of The Bachelor that I havent seen before! Though it finished today so I dont know if a new season wi…

  • Well ladies, I fell off the wagon. which is shameful in only my second week in. I didn't drink enough water, I missed out on snacks when out & about & skipped a couple of lunches. No time for exercise & to top it off a friend at work just returned from America and brought back with her pretzel M&M's, almond M&M's hershey's kisses, reese's peanut butter cups. I was so weak I couldnt say no. But while I didn't gorge myself I certainly felt the guilt wash over me as I ate them. Because of this shoc…

  • Quote from 2kellen2: “Hi WM - I find it interesting to read about your BT experience - thank you :).” Thanks Kel, its all new to me this lifestyle & BTing... learning as I go. It's all pretty informative, I've learnt so much about cleaner eating & realised just how much I used to rely on the over processed junk I used to put in my face on a daily basis!

  • Hi Schkooter & welcome I am a BTer too, just going into my second week. As Kel said, please make sure you check in here regularly, it really does keep you motivated! Like you, I need / want to lose 10kgs. I am doing this because hubby & I would love to add another little to our family and I am currently 7kgs heavier that when I fell pregnant with my little miss. So its time to get healthy & shake it off before we try again Looking forward to motivating eachother over the next few months xx

  • Hi & Welcome Nadine I am a newbie to this page too, I'm just going into my second week on BT. in regards to your question about calories, there isnt a need for calorie counting on bodytrim as far as I am aware are you just follow the guidlines on the approved foods lists & portion sizes of protein. if you are eating as many carbs as you say, BT will most likely help you kick your weight loss into gear again because you cannot have carbs other than 1 serving at breakfast (which is EITHER a slice …

  • Quote from 2kellen2: “Yes WM leave the scales till Saturday - 1.4kg loss already is fantastic :).” Thanks Kel, Worked out to be a 1.6kg weight loss for the week..

  • So I have to admit, I feel a bit disheartened. I said I wasnt going to weigh myself until Saturday which I was planning to have as my free day, but I couldnt resist so I jumped on the scales this morning. I was expecting 2, maybe 2.5kgs to be shed considering I'm on day 6 of BT, but I've only lost a measly 1.4kgs. I feel very under whelmed. I thought the first week on BT was the one where you lose the most weight

  • Quote from miaowmix: “Ok I am new to this forum thing and terribly behind the times hahaha but I just read how you had your veggies WM and I LOVE the idea of using vegeta as seasoning. I have some of this in the pantry and will give it a go tomorrow night! Thanks for the idea :)” You're most welcome xx I made cauliflower mash the following night & blitzed it with 1tsp of vegetta & 40g chive & onion philly.. talk about delicious. Hubby said he prefers it to potato mash now!

  • Hehe, you seem just as keen as I to see my results! I've decided to do it on my free day which will be Saturday. However I'm not confident of losing much as its been hard to find time for walking. Might only be 1kg, we'll see..

  • Quote from Lala007: “Yes it did, it's a pretty girl and a rainbow, you have 12.2 to go!” Yes! not that much different to you! Will be great to follow & support eachothers losses

  • Hi Pippa, Thanks for the details, I have acutally been ordering through coles online and having everything delivered to avoid supermarket temptations. It works! and I've found i prefer to eat everything in the delivery to ensure its not a wasted exercise! Looks like we have a similar weight loss path, would be great to follow eachothers progress! Best of luck with your journey xx

  • I Think I did it! wonder if this works....??

  • Yes, Sorry MM!!!! Got carried away! I dont seem to be lucky enough to have a signature box

  • Yes I was able to choose a ticker I wanted (yay!) but I'm just not sure how to get it under all of my posts!

  • Could you please tell me how I can put a ticker as my signature?

  • Quote from Lala007: “I like your is infectious!!!!!” If I were standing in front of you, I'd probably be going - "Woooooo!!!" hahaha.... Let see if I'm this enthusiastic in a couple of weeks!