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  • thanks heaps guys for the quick reply- they are both great ideas - nice and simple - exactly what I was after Cheers

  • Hi all I hope everyone had a great xmas and new year I was just wondering if anyone has an idea for marinating chicken thighs or breasts to put with a salad for lunch. I've looked at all the ones in the shop but they are really high in carbs. Thanks for your help

  • It is confusing - I have been on dark purple for about a week now but not really losing much - I will keep using them for now but , for some reason it makes me feel better to see the reading - so not sure what is going on in my head there

  • I am just walking 1/2 hr every morning - 6 days a week for now - but my knee is not good at the moment so I'm not game to do much more in case I really stuff it and then I wont be able to do anything. All I would add to the walk but would be 3-4 times a week at contours and maybe a longer walk on the weekend

  • Thanks Sherrie - I am going to the shops after work so will have a look then - I found a recipe for "easy peasy pancakes" - so I'm going to try them tomorrow for breakfast as a change.

  • Cheers guys and thanks for the chart Sherrie - so Sherri do you not use splenda anymore because of the taste or the carb content? Are the splenda tablets available in the supermarket? I saw the sachets and granules but don't think I saw tablets - sorry for all my questions - but I really enjoy the muffins and would like to have them daily for breakfast or maybe even lunch if I can thanks again

  • Cheers Alana, I had a look and my local health food shop sells the Xylitol so thats good !! So when everyone makes the cream cheese and cheesecakes and stuff then they don't use splenda? the recipe on here said splenda hence I am a little confused

  • Thanks Alana I may look at finding a muffin recipe instead. I am sticking with the bacon and eggs for induction to keep it simple but I know I couldnt eat them long term - not that big a fan of eggs really - unfortunately !!!!!!! I was thinking of trying the fibreX cereal but it is expensive and I have heard its pretty gross ?? Sherri - I made the cream cheese muffins last weekend (and they were yummy as !!!) - but I am confused as I used 1/4 cup of splenda - I only had the sachets so had to emp…

  • Cheers nickynoodle - thanks for that - definitely helps I also went on to the Atkins website (not sure why I never thought of that before :o) and got some great ideas from there as well thanks again

  • Oh bless you Alana - thank you for that - will definitely give it some thought !!

  • I am thinking is it better for me to start a diary instead of posting all my questions in different places I am not very good at making decisions and a little nervous as well !!!!

  • Am I eating enough ????

    abipip - - Low Carb Beginners


    I am on my second week of induction but wondering if I am eating enough protein and the right things really B: 50g bacon and 1 egg S: Atkins Bar L: 100-120g chicken breast S: decaf coffee and cream D: 100-150g steak, chicken , lamb etc S: decaf coffee and cream I am having salad and veges with my lunch and dinner. I am keeping everything basic and simple for now - if I try to much variety I just get confused really My calories are around 1400-1500 also because of the mayonnaise and cream and stu…

  • I realised (when I came to do another post ) that I never said thank you guys for your replies - how rude of me !! So thank you all I must admit I am still a little confused (I think I must be a bit thick :confused:) but I have found a list of carb contents from when I did ultra-lite (for about 3 days :o) awhile ago so I will go off that and hoping that is correct - they also had a limit of 20g a day as well. I definitely do have room to eat more veges from what I can see so thats a real bonus T…

  • I was just wondering what everyone eats for breakfast. I am currently on induction and I am having 50g bacon (1full rasher) and 1 fried egg but wondering if this is enough plus I am curious to see what others eat maybe for some variation Many thanks

  • Re: Love this Dr.

    abipip - - The Lounge


    Brilliant !!!!! I love it

  • Alana you look absolutely fabulous you really do - well done !!!!

  • I certainly hope it is !!! I actually "feel" like I have lost weight so I was a bit surprised but then I did have those drinks on sunday so I probably deserve it The measurements are a good idea actually - I think I will do that tonite - thanks for the reminder

  • Re: Nitrate Free Bacon etc

    abipip - - Low Carb Living


    Hi Mick It is something to do with the processing I think and I probably should no more :eek:- most bacon probably is gluten free ?? I just buy things now that state they are gluten free on the packaging as I just find it much easier and if I do eat gluten it makes me really sick so it;s easier to be on the safe side - plus I am probably a bit lazy and dont understand a lot of ingredients either :p

  • I am really confused as I am still in ketosis but I have gained weight. I did have a few drinks on sunday but never got out of ketosis so not sure what is happening there

  • Re: Nitrate Free Bacon etc

    abipip - - Low Carb Living


    Hi Daisy - I am very well thank you - finally back on track and hopefully all sorted with the health issues. I hope all is well with you , will go to your diary and see how you are going. Thanks Jom - I didnt realise that about the preservative code - pretty sneaky - that is something I obviously need to be more aware of Thanks heaps for all those links Sherrie - the Mondo Butchers in Mt Lawley is very close to me so I am going to go and check it out during the week Thanks