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  • What a brilliant idea. Will have to try this soon.

  • I'm sorry guys, I've been slack in not getting the recipe to you. I have it all written down from when I made it again a couple of weeks ago, I've just gotta get my butt into gear and transfer it to here But it's a bit too early yet this morning. I also want to work out the carb, fat and protein counts before i post it. It was a hit by the way with my work mates and some of them had no idea it had no flour in it and that it was totally low carb.

  • "sow green manure"? You have got me intrigued! I'm no gardener. I often think if I didn't have to work full time I'd get a chance stuff in the garden. Most of the garden is natives so they look after themselves, thank goodness. I have got some herbs growing but that's about it

  • Okay, got that wrong. Just went back to the first page of this thread and there's no photo or link. Maybe I just googled Oopsie Rolls or something, but now I can't remember how I came across it

  • Quote from Sherrie: “You wait until you see the pictures Kel!!! I have never seen oopsie rolls look so good! Fondoffood, I had a look for the recipe here for what you did but couldn't find it? was this your recipe? I ask because those photos look so good they deserve their own thread and I can link the thread here in the first post :)” Wish it was my recipe, but I adapted one from The Lighter Side blog. I think the photo of it is on the first page of this thread. I made only a couple of changes,…

  • Have sent two different photos through in two different emails. Couldn't figure how to send them both in one email:confused: Btw, the cake is scrumptious and my darling hubby really enjoyed it too. He's getting to the stage where he's starting to enjoy my way of eating and is ever so slowly coming across. Which of course I'm very pleased about

  • Well I did it. I made an Oopsie Strawberry Sponge Cake Roll. I am feeling so awesomely proud of myself. The only problem is I have no idea how to add a photo from my iPad.

  • Think I'll look online and buy some seeds. Growing your own sounds the way to go and if they're an easy crop then that is good for me coz I'm a hopeless gardener:D

  • Thanks Sherrie for that info

  • Does anyone know if you can still get Spaghetti Squash in Australia. I haven't seen it for probably 20 years or more, but I've seen posts on My Fitness Pal from last year where somewhere in Brisbane was able to get it in for a few people looking for it. I've tried asking Coles here but I just get a blank look. Doesn't seem to many people know what I'm talking about

  • These look great! I imagine I could have these just using the base ingredients while I try and stay in a ketogenic state? I'm trying to keep carbs to only about 5-6% of my daily intake at the moment and fats at about 70-75% so think these look perfect for me. Or will the nut butter bring the carbs up too much?

  • Thought I better post this here seeing as I've already said how good Oopsies are in my Introduction thread. I made a batch of Oopsie Rolls pretty much as soon as I found this forum and read this thread. They turned out great. I think I'm in love with Oopsies I had a burger with 2 of them, another one I had a dessert with coconut oil and sugar free maple syrup. I ate the rest within a couple of days but I can't remember how I had them. I made another batch last week and added 1/4 cup grated parme…

  • Quote from Sherrie: “How did your oopsie rolls turn out? :)” They turned out great, first time and all. I had one with coconut oil and sugar free maple syrup for dessert one night - yummm! I had a steak burger another night which made me so happy to be able to actually eat a burger that felt kinda normal I've since made another batch where I mixed in 1/4 grated parmesan cheese and some garlic powder. I then put a third of the mixture in a smallish pie plate (think it's about 18cm in diameter) an…

  • As you can tell by my username I am fond of food, very fond actually. Hence a yo yo figure since I was a teenager. Like many of us I have tried numerous diets, which mostly met with success but only for a short while. I lost quite a bit of weight on Bodytrim a few years ago but for a few different reasons I left that life behind - 1. I thought eating all that protein was no good for me, 2. It was it too low fat and I started having problems with y skin, nails and hair and 3. I struggled terribly…