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  • Kickstart program shakes

    summermum - - Low Carb Beginners


    Has anyone tried the Kicstart program; shakes and low GI?? I'd be interested in your opinions, thankyou!

  • Well, feeling a little low this morning. Usually by now I've had a few cups of coffee, biscuits and preparing lunch :rolleyes:...but all is good. Just have to remember to DRINK WATER!

  • Hi all... Tomorrow is the big day! I was on Sureslim a few years ago and lost a fantastic amount of weight, was toned and felt fantastic! Since then I've been quite a stressed out little chicken, changed jobs and had twins! So off I go again. I love this program even though I cannot have a few of my favourites types of foods. eg bread and pasta. They actually cause my body havoc anyway so probably a good thing. For breaky tomorrow Im going to sit down to Vaalia Yoghurt and kiwi fruit mmmmmm :D M…