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  • Hi Livvy , no those ones are not the same noodles that I bought . I will buy them again next time I go into town and put the details up. the ones I buy are actually really yummy and have 0 carbs.

  • It has been so long since I have been here , so not sure if I have posted this before. In woolworths you can now get the 'miracle noodles' , they are not called that though but are the exact same thing. Zero carbs?calories and taste yum , great for stirfries etc. They can be found in the asian noodle section. Just trying to find the name but realised I just used the last pack the other day. They are in a green packet and packed in water , they are actually a root vegetable from memory and need t…

  • Re: Hiya

    Daisy - - Introduce Yourself


    Welcome M and all the very best with your LC journey

  • Quote from ScrappyKat: “I used 1/5 cans of coconut milk. Keep in mind that some of the soup was used for dh's dinner and I have left overs for tonight. Usually I'd use 1/2 a can for one person. I put it on the heat and added red curry paste, stirred to mix. Then I added 1 bok choy and some snow peas till they started to soften. Then I put in piles of green prawns. When they were pink, I took out dh's share, and added the rinsed and drained noodles. I cooked it a bit longer, and served it up in a…

  • Quote from ScrappyKat: “I finally used the noodles tonight. They are quite good. I made them in a prawn curry soup, and they are quite filling, I could only have about half the packet, leftovers for dinner tomorrow night, nom nom.” That sounds great Scrappy , how did you make the soup ?

  • Re: buying Ketosticks

    Daisy - - Ketosis and Ketosticks


    How RUDE , it is none of his business to quiz you on your diet . I am diabetic so they just give them to me with no hassle , but I don't get them any cheaper . They are about the same price as the website. Just say that they are for a diabetic friend next time . I know pharmacists are there to guide and advise you on products but he went abit far i feel . Especially when so many chemists are now stocking Trim Shakes etc .

  • Re: Low Carb Take Away

    Daisy - - Low Carb Living


    Quote from Stina: “Hi guys, Just following this thread and was wondering...with the kebab in a plate (without the bread), can you eat all of it? It seems like a lot to eat and still stay under carbs/cals etc. Thanks heaps :D” Oh yeah , it is my absolute favourite , but sometimes they add heaps of hommus so I just have a tiny amount as I am not sure if the carbs in that one .

  • Quote from Sherrie: “It's a cookbook with contributions from a lot of folks that follow Atkins or similar so might be a really good buy and I know Jennifer has great recipes from her blog. Low Carbing Among Friends Cook Book” Just had a looksie at the site , the book looks amazing and it is quite a decent price . Thanks for the recipes Sherrie and the heads up about the book

  • Re: Are USians allowed here?

    Daisy - - Introduce Yourself


    welcome.gif Amazing weight loss , well done , keep your determination and you WILL succeed . I wish you all the very best with your low carb journey

  • Re: Dessert...

    Daisy - - Desserts and Sweets


    Thanks Daisy for the recipe , they look yummy

  • Re: Kids and Low Carb

    Daisy - - Low Carb Beginners


    Hi Tash Just wondering how your son is going ? Is he still LC'ing and has he lost the 4-5 kilos ?

  • Re: Jane Kennedy Recipes

    Daisy - - Low Carb Recipes


    Thanks guys for this thread , I for one am going to buy her OMG book , the recipes look like they would suit my family and myself just fine

  • Thanks Scrappy I can't wait to see of my Woolies stock them . Let us know what they taste like when you get some

  • Quote from Sherrie: “I don't like buying foods from the deli sections of any supermarkets, they either intentionally label a more expensive product, give you off raw chicken etc or they cross contaminate. I remember buying some neufchatel once for a cheesecake because it was on special and they cut it with a dirty knife that they had used on some sort of pate product. I opened it and found it covered in pate!” YUK ....that is just wrong , hope you took it back . I bought a chicken from the meat …

  • Dave I am trying desperately hard to get back into Atkins , I am having a few motivational problems but will win in the end . I wish I had your determination , you seem to stick to it easily . Oh well I WILL get there again and my waist will start to reward me with shrinkage when I do

  • Quote from Sherrie: “Daisy, if you feel it might help keep you motivated, give it a go and let us know how you go Do you know much about the program?” Thanks Sherrie I am currently studying it now , at the start it involves meal replacement shakes etc for 2 meals a day but then a lovely healthy low carb meal at night . I just got back from buying the 14 pack of shakes and it includes a 7 day free pass to the online help and information . Tonight I am having crisp pan fried atlantic salmon with l…

  • Re: Low Carb & Metformin

    Daisy - - Low Carb Living


    I was originally on Metformin but it gave me bad stomach problems , so the DR changed it to Diabex XR (which is a slow release Metformin) ........wella no more problems . All the very best with your low carb journey

  • Just considering giving this program a go , anyone ever tried this program ? I have looked up the recipes and they seem quite healthy and lowcarb if you choose the right ones . Hmmm what to do !

  • Re: Hello - another newbie

    Daisy - - Introduce Yourself


    Welcome I wish you all the very best with your LC journey

  • Re: Beware: Apples from China!

    Daisy - - Health


    We can always rely on fruit/vegies grown in Australia to be at a very high standard . Apples have been $8 per kilo here for quite some time now and I am guessing with the floods they will only get higher . It is hard for many people and I guess they will be tempted by the cheaper overseas products , but at what cost to themselves and their kids health . Thanks for the heads up Sherrie on which apples to definately avoid