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  • Low carb snacks

    Cjk92 - - Snacks Galore


    I'm planning on making my partner low carb muffins cookies and protein bars today for him to take to work. He won't eat most of the snacks I eat like olives and cheese but is it ok for him to eat those things on a daily basis?

  • Do you think these will freeze well?

  • Making 1 dish stretch

    Cjk92 - - Low Carb Recipes


    Has anyone got any hints or recipes for making meals stretch further? Like slow cooking a big roast and using it in a few different dishes. I just can't think of recipes to use the leftover meat in! I live in a small mining town, we have Coles but nearly everything else is over priced and no local farmers markets for veggies or eggs so any money saving tips would be awesome!

  • Awesome thanks for the replys guys. I'm just gana start and see how I go. I've got about 8 to 10kgs to lose so hopefully this diet will help

  • So you can not eat enough fat? Can anyone tell me what they would eat in an average day?

  • Hi this is my first post and I haven't yet started the lchf diet, but I was just wondering how do you know how much fat to eat in each meal? Is a knob of butter enough or is there a specific amount? I'm so scared of eating all this fat and gaining weight. I haven't quite wrapped my head around eating butter and cream and losing weight yet, but everything I read about it makes sense to me. Has any one experienced any weight gain at all? Thanks for any help