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  • Hi Lily You can add some fruit (not much) or a slice of toast as long as you keep your protein serve in there. Then, as Bradders said, unlimited veg and salad with mail meals and protein only snacks. With the vege tho, you need to stay away from starchy carb veges like potato, pumpkin, carrots etc... n

  • This is the recipe I used: Banana Pancakes 2 tablespoons vanilla protein powder 2 tablespoons cottage cheese 2 eggs 1/2 cup rolled oats 2 ripe bananas I used blueberries instead of bananas, and had no oats so used psyllum husks instead (i'd go with the oats if i were you.....) still quite yummy. also added a sachet of splenda because I felt like something sweet. enjoy! n

  • Hi Lily, Example of what we have been eating is: breakfast: one slice of wholegrain toast with 2 eggs snack: boiled egg lunch: chicken ceasar salad - 1tbsp of dressing and lots and lots of salad, 100gms chicken snack: meatballs 50g dinner: pork medallion with ricotta, garlic and olive topping with steamed veg snack: chocolate ricotta cheesecake I also made protein pancakes with chocolate protein powder and blueberries yesterday - so yummy! Mind you, the texture was a little odd. hope that give y…

  • Quote from mistycat: “4 rounds of thick white toast with butter ....... Fish shop chips with salt and vinegar and tomato ketchup. Tropicana orange juice (about 2 pints worth) :(” but english fish shop chips are some of the best.......

  • Hi Fee13, Yes, you can have tea and coffe but without milk - as tracys said. Although it's not be included in your 2 litre water intake for the day. n

  • so i'm sitting at work, and one of the people here decides to clean out the storeroom of the boxes and boxes of packets of crisps! having the worst cravings of my entire life! somehow, meatballs just doesn't match up to salt and vinegar chips

  • same here miffy. 3 days and no change, mind you it is TOM and i did have a tiny tiny cheat on the 1st day.

  • Hi Traceys yes you are, thank god! quite enjoyed chicken breast pan fried in sesame oil with a little sweet chili for my morning protein snack today! n

  • Re: Victoria - where are you?

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    Geelong here!

  • Hi all! well, I'm back - bigger than ever! started detox on Monday but only lasted until about 11am when home made profiteroles were delivered to work - so unfair! so really now on day 2 of detox and getting headaches etc.... but shall perservere nontheless. not noticing any loss because of course started at TOM! i'm sure i sabotage myself with these things. interesting to see what happens with BT, it's essentially the same but at least this time my partner is doing it with me which will make it…

  • Hi all had a look around and couldn't see a thread that met these particular requirements (is it almost TOM? why YES) but still. how many of us out there are dealing with partners (husbands, girlfriends, boyfriends, friends, outlaws and just general annoying people) that can only say negative things about low carb? I'm sure that this has been discussed before, however I wanted to make sure it was in MOTIVATION AND RESOLVE as a bit of re-enforcement for those with partners like mine..... I said -…

  • here i am. well, i'm back up to 75 I haven't been keeping an eye on my calorie intake, so might see if that's been too low? Plus I did have a little splurge on the weekend - was valentine's day after all! oh well, onwards and downwards! nikki

  • weigh in time. 75 for me. at least it's a bit of a loss. it does seem a bit insignificant really, in light of what's going on atm. n

  • Re: Olive and Pesto Burgers

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    much better, thanks!

  • Re: Olive and Pest Burgers

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    Quote from LC_Dave: “Yeah you dont' have rat meat in there ? LOL I think a Mod can change it. Looks yummy!” I hope they can change it n

  • Re: Olive and Pest Burgers

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    ahh, that should be olive and pestO burgers. really, i'm sure they're nicer that pest burgers... oops

  • Olive and Pesto Burgers

    novacain - - Meat Recipes


    My partner found this recipe in an ad in the Coles magazine. Is just delish so had to share! 500g beef mince 2tbsp water 1/3 cup basil pesto 1/2 pimento stuffed greed olives (chopped) rocket leaves, diced avocado, extra chopped olives and chopped spring onion to serve. Combine the beef mince, water, pesto and olives. Mix lightly and shape into 4 burgers. Lightly brush burgers with oil and pan fry (preferably bbq) into hot pan, when started cooking turn heat to moderate. Cook for 6-7 minutes each…

  • Hoped on the scales this morning - no change although, i can swear my uniform is getting looser!!! YAY!!

  • ok. D day. starting weight is 75.5 (give or take a couple 100gms) bring on those cream cheese muffins! :p n

  • thanks Sherrie. I'm enjoying induction really - mind you, haven't been doing the strict induction. Did it once a few years ago and lost heaps of weight quite quickly. not like this time at all see how i go with the alcohol taken out