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Welcome to our Australian Low Carb Forums. Join us for free support, information and recipes to help you with your low carb diet. We're a friendly bunch so please register and join in the fray, but most of all have fun! If you like us please share and spread the love!

  • Hi Everyone i've found the 5 most common low carb mistakes we can make as "Low-Carbers" and I want to share them with you 1. Starting Low-carb with not enough knowledge. 2. Eating Too Many Carbs-->we may make this mistake, if not careful! 3. Being Afraid of Eating Fat--> 4. Not Being Patient-->I went through this for weight loss case!!! 5. Giving up too easily Happy Lowcarbing

  • Hi everyone, I'm returning to lowcarbing after some time trying out other ways and realizing that I do better with lower carbs. It really comes to knowing ourselves. No one can dictate what is best for us. I've had an expert nutritionnist insist I incorporate more bread in my daily intake of food. It did not work for me. Bloating and big stomac came back as the pounds too. I experienced it for myself. So I'm back to Atkins Advantage book and doing two weeks induction and slowly doing the steps a…