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  • Hi I have been jumping all over the place with South Beach, Body Trim & now back onto Low carb - I have downloaded some of the tools from this siteso I can keep a track of what I am eating which are great thankyou I have found the above website good for loading recipes into to get the nutritional content - can someone please advise if I need to take the fibre off the carb content seeing it is an American site to get the accurate carb content? I tried the Australian nutritionist site but I couldn…

  • The whole family loves this recipe & using the slow cooker means everyone can eat when they need to before racing to sport, training etc this recipe comes from Spark Recipes Slow Cooker Salsa Chicken Recipe | SparkRecipes Slow Cooker Salsa Chicken Nutrition Info - Calories: 177.5 - Fat: 4.1g - Carbohydrates: 7.3g - Protein: 27.2g Ingredients 2 pounds (32 ounces) chicken breasts, boneless and skinless ( I use chicken thighs instead so they dont dry out ) 1 cup salsa, homemade or purchased 1 cup p…

  • Well into Day 3 & 800gms down - so something is working, I'm happy because I am having lots of veggies & also Dairy which I struggled with on Atkins. Am missing my glass of wine but week 3 I can have that back. Have been doing a lot of reading & scouring websites so starting to get a bit more comfortable with what South Beach is about I might start a diary to track what I am doing each day By the way the slow cooked spag bog was great on a bed of zuchinni noodles cooked with garlic & some Olive …

  • HI Sherrie I have downloaded the supercharged book which has all the info about the diet & am trying to get through this - there is meal plans in this too but they just dont fit into our lifestyle as I need more slow cooker recipes until our youngest daughter finishes performing in Evita as we are all over the place with meals. I am getting through all the threads from the search thankyou I started today Breakfast: A large mushroom with a scrambled egg cooked in it with a slice of low fat cheese…

  • Thanks Sherie Unfortunately the link is no longer available I have been struggling with keeping my weight under control & have tried low carb but the weekends I blow this out so was looking for something that would fit into my lifestyle which is how I stumbled across South Beach. I took the 2 week free trial on their website to get some information but unless I keep paying you cant access their site The first 2 weeks are low carb but with 1% fat milk & low fat yoghurt allowed - no alcohol, lots …

  • Good morning I was wondering if anyone on the site is following South Beach - I am trying to find out information on it as it appears to be low carb & as with Atkins & BT you add carbs as you go depending on your weight loss required. I have done a search on here but cant find anything. Thanks heaps Tracy

  • Thanks TLP for these recipes Is cream allowed on BT? I am getting my head around it as I dont have the book yet, from a post elsewhere it was said you cant as BT is Low Fat - can someone please clarify

  • Thankyou that helps a lot - am looking forward to a piece of fruit:)

  • Teriyaki Chicken In a glad bag add 500gms chicken thigh fillets with 2 tlbs of soy sauce 2 tlbs of mirin 1 tlbs rice wine 1 tlbs splenda or like Marinate for approx 1/2 an hour BBQ or grill - yumm

  • Thankyou I had exactly the same question

  • Hi I am at the end of day 2 also, have managed to get rid of the headache by drinking 2 big glasses of water but have had to run to the loo Rangitamoe what a great incentive to lose weight - your twins. My 8yo daughter has a way with words & was listening to an add for liposuction & told me my thighs needed some of that as does my butt - but then went onto say daddy needs it more though!!!!!! Great incentive for us both to keep going & make this work

  • HI have just started BT - on day 2 & havent got the books yet. I was wondering & was hoping someone could help Is diet jelly allowed on the Protein only days? Are protein bars allowed on PO days? On day 4 when you can have a carb with protein for breakfast - are their any rules to go with this, ie how much carb etc Thanks heaps

  • Hi Justergirl I have just ordered the pack but am going to start tomorrow - this is my 2nd time around doing this, but I need structure so am going to do BT Sherrie found my old diary & brought it to the front so I will follow fairly well what I did last time Good luck:)

  • Ooh thats what I was trying to work out also - the carbs are too high for me at the moment also, but will keep it as they are really yum & make a great alternative breakfast Tracy

  • Does anyone know of a website that has a recipe builder that you can put in a recipe & it works out the carb content?? Thanks heaps Tracy

  • Well done PP - a great loss & well deserved with all your trials & tribulations - keep it up Cooks do whats best for you - so BT may be right for you after all seeing you can have the fruit i the morning - keep hanging in there Tracy

  • These sound great - will give it a try tomorrow for a quick breakfast as we have to be gone by 8.15am for a T-Ball carnival Thanks so much Tracy

  • Welcome Riksta & Joh - all the best for your weight loss journey Well done a bloodredbired that is fabulous result - keep up the great work Good on you Lou for doing all that cooking - I am going to try to get some done tomorrow - need some new protein bars, plus some muffins Tracy

  • Cheese & Bacon Muffins

    Mighelli - - Breakfast


    Just made these & they were really tasty The recipe is from the Empower website Serves 12 Per serve: Grams of carbohydrate - 1 Grams of protein - 7 Ingredients: 1 cup Empower Foods FibreX Breakfast Cereal 50g grated tasty cheese 2 teaspoons baking powder 100g lean bacon, finely diced 1/2 teaspoon salt 2 free range eggs 1/4 cup cream 1/2 cup water Method: 1.Preheat oven to 180°C. Grease muffin tray lightly with oil. 2.Place FibreX, cheese, baking powder, bacon and salt into a mixing bowl. Mix wel…

  • Re: Empower FibreX

    Mighelli - - Breakfast


    Here is the link FibreX Substitute