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  • left over roast pork Stromboli

    janal - - Meat Recipes


    Looks great !!

  • Re: Newbie to this site.

    janal - - Introduce Yourself


    Hello and welcome. Great start, you are both doing well - Good on you

  • Oh and another thing. If we are doing a LCHF diet our weight loss might be slow but I would still think we should lose

  • I also read somewhere that having your evening meal earlier has helped some overcome the DP. Suppose that all depends on how flexible one can be with children & husbands to feed and there time scheduals I'm very excited though today For the first time in I don't know how long - I actually feel well, and I mean really well, the fatigue has lifted and my head is clear. I've worked out I need about 5 units of insulin and I finally had a reading last night of 8.5 - I know still high but better than …

  • Re: homemade lowcarb milk

    janal - - Drinks and Smoothies


    Good one, thanks Sinders

  • Was reading yesterday on Dr Bernstein's site how bad Diamicron is for us diabetics. Burns the pancreas out prematurly. Did take half dose of metformin last night, and tried 2 units of insulin last night as well, Hmmm my reading went up. Tried 3 units this morning and I only had 2 cups of coffee and my BG went up again. I am so over this fatigue I'm feeling.

  • I'm on 2000mg diabex (which is the one that gives me the trots) and 30mg Diamicron (gliclazide) Had lunch about 12.30 and ate some pumpkin zuchinni mushroom mix, a small amount of meat (not even a slice) and 2 small peices of crackle. Just did test before dinner and my reading was 12.something. Only other thing I had was a cup of tea, small amount of milk and 2 tabs of splenda. Dinner has been meat & veg and I'll do another test maybe in a half hour just to see what I go up to. Still think short…

  • Just looking for a few opinions. My HbA1c has got quite high (over 10) since I've neglected my low carb diet. I did have it down to 5.2 when low carb. I've now started back on my LC and I know it's only early days and that my readings will get better but here's the thing: If I take my medication it gives me the trots. I've stoped taking it I can start on short acting insulin but I'm just a bit scared of doing so. My main question is - should I start the insulin or forget the drugs and just wait …

  • No mine is nothing to do with carbs, I've had it for about 5 months, no different now that I'm low carb again

  • Hmmmm, I have numbness in my leg, above the knee on the left hand side & goes all the way up my thigh. My doctor thinks it is coming from my siatic nerve. I did question him if it could be from my diabetes but he said no that diabetices usually have it in the feet before other places. Hope he's right

  • Hello all my old buddies, Thought I would have a little catch up here. OK - lost my way on LC - just simply got tired of continually being on a diet. Result - put weight back on, back on oral medication - three times as much as I use to be on and that was before I sacked the doctor, took control of my health and got my HbA1c down to 5.2. NOW its up to 10.something I know not good. I've been feeling pretty bad, feel like I have cronic fatigue, legs feel like they have lead tied to them. Anyway st…

  • Hi Josh, Good luck on your journey, if you can get the Atkins book do have a read. I found it very inspiring and discovered the truth about many things. One of the mental images I consider very helpful is the food pyramid, take a good long look at it and it's a triangle, if that's how you eat then that's how you'll look, on the other hand turn the pyramid upside down and eat that way and your heading in the right direction, broad at the shoulders and narrow at the hip. I like it You'll learn man…

  • Re: Stupid Question?

    janal - - Ketosis and Ketosticks


    Oh another good tip for the ketone/glucose sticks. If you put some food in your mouth and then put a little saliva onto the stick it will indicate how much sugar is in the food. Good for testing the content of unknown foods

  • Interesting topic From my very simple prospective; Labour & Liberals were always 2 opposing political parties that had different directions. Labour was always the spenders, they supported the working class and were socialistic. Liberals always stood for the business side of things and were good at not spending money and creating a surplus. But through doing that the infrastructure suffered. Then labour would get back in and start spending money again. Rinse and repeat. Now these days it's totall…

  • Are you new to LC and using artificial sweetener? if so it may be just the change over - getting use to the different sweetener taste. Before low carb I couldn't stand the taste of artificial. Yuk... When I started LC I did a gradual change over with half & half - now I have no problem. Why not try a chilled cheesecake, I use a Mango & Passion fruit Diet Jelly & for my taste it's great, I've also fed it to non dieters and they love it too. Ps. I don't like equal & prefer splenda, but we all have…

  • Quote from ZedP: “With this diagnosis, and the passing of my mother in May of 2010 (who was morbidly obese and a type II diabetic) at age 57 (as a result of complications from weight-loss surgery) ” Hello ZedP, I'm sorry to hear of your loss, but OMG what kind of surgery did she have, I've been contemplating surgery myself. Quote from ZedP: “I've been on Atkins for probably 3 or so months now and have completely stuck to it (quite amazing from my past history of sneaking junk food whenever I cou…


    janal - - The Lounge


    That's lovely Bron - Merry Christmas to you too. Safe and happy holidays!

  • Re: Low Carb Breakfast Ideas

    janal - - Breakfast


    Any ideas for LC (reasonable calories) non cook breakfast? Ideas appreciated

  • Re: Laugh of the Day

    janal - - The Lounge


    Haha, Love it.

  • Re: Melbourne Restaurants

    janal - - Low Carb Living


    If your selective you can eat most places. Just stick with any meat/poultry/fish & veg or salad. Get them to hold any fries. Berries with fresh unsweetened cream are best for deserts. White spirits with diet softdrink or a red wine are best but avoid if you can. If not - enjoy