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  • Thanks Rangitamoe! pardon the language but BLOODY OATH it is great to be under 3 digits!! I was dancing stupidly around the house after I got off the scales yesterday singing "I'm under a hundred, I'm under a hundred!". If I had had the blinds open, the neighbours would have thought I was mental! I texted a friend who was at work, by the time I got to work I had colleagues come up to me congratulating me - Kim and her big mouth! I was kinda wanting to tell people myself!! but oh well, it was won…

  • forgot to update the weight thing name--------start date -----start weight------current weight----lost Puamonxi------21st March-------94.1kg--------89.7kg-----------4.4kg PUMEY--------19th march--------86 kgs-------84kgs------------2kgs Dubetu--------19 March ---------114kg ------111kg ------------3kg Lisamacdaddy---15 march-------95.7kg-------91.7------------4 kg Suzie----------25 February--------79kgs------71.1kgs--------7.9kgs Lollyponpon-----21st March---------88.9kgs------83.4-------5.5kg R…

  • Hey Alanna, I remembered when you first started LC! and by george you are going FANTASTIC!!!! Good on ya! Can you give us a run down on your daily routine?? take care rach x


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    Once you do over about 20 posts on the site you will see an 'edit signature' when you go to edit your profile. I think it's to see if people are actually serious about being on APOH. To choose a ticker when you have made 20+ posts, I got mine from you just copy the bb code and paste it in your signature box hope that helps!


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    Hi Alanna and a big Welcome to you! You'll find heaps of support on this site. If you have any questions or just need someone to give you a shove, I've found it's all here! Good luck with your weight loss!

  • Thanks for your input. I'm not sure about making him think it's his idea in my case. He is 100% aware of his need to lose weight but before he met me over a year ago, he had been single for a loooong time and settled into a way of living that was 'for the moment' and not really caring about the future. This, I mean, in terms of diet and exercise. He is a "take me as I am" kinda guy but I'm one of the very few people who know this is actually a self defence mechanism and also one of extreme lazin…

  • I think he has actually, I noticed he looked slimmer when we were in town the other day and when I hug him I can feel a change. He bought a set of scales a couple of days ago (which I have to stop myself from getting on every morning!) so early next week I'm sure he'll notice a few kgs dropped.

  • Encouraging partners to do LC

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    Hi, I'm wondering if there's other people out there who have a partner who needs to lose weight aswell. My partner really needs to lose weight (38yrs old, 5'11 & 136kg) but enjoys his lifestyle of drinking a lot of beer and having 'a decent feed' afterwards almost every night. I have been on BT for 3 weeks and have lost 7.1kgs which my partner has noticed and is realising how great I am feeling because of it. Since cutting out drinking alcohol for a long while (I had to do this cos I'm an 'all o…

  • Hey Sinders, I noticed your ticker is down to your goal weight (even below!) How long did it take you to lose the weight? and were you on any particular regime? BT, Atkins etc?

  • Woohoo Rangitamoe! good on you! It's a fantastic surprise to stand on the scales thinking you haven't lost that much then seeing that you have! I bet you're happy to be under the 100kg mark, I have 2.7kgs before I hit 100kg but the way the weight is coming off, if I keep up my walking I should be there by next friday! yippee! What kind of meals do you like to eat during the day? Can we swap hints? Have a great day!

  • hehe fantastic thanks! I'll have a play tomorrow for when my partner usually has his ginormous bacon and eggs breakfast!

  • that's right! and the scenery is pretty good! Another thing that I've also noticed and experienced when I have lost weight in the past is the way people talk about the 'old you' as if it's another person who was lazy and out of control. "Wow, you look great! I was worried about you when you were carrying so much weight" etc etc! I've had my fair share of backhanded compliments! Now my attitude about my weight loss, my future, my past and the present have had a complete overhaul, I'm not beating …

  • Wow Deena, I didn't know you could cook with them! Could you give me the recipe for your pancakes? Do you have any other recipes that have psyllium husk in it? It would be perfect to cook up something for my partner cos I very much doubt (actually, I can guarantee he wont) take psyllium husk by itself.

  • I am the same way, that's why I have gained over 40kgs in 4 years. I fall off the bandwagon and think "oh stuff it, I'll start again next month or after such'n'suchs birthday or after my work performance appraisal" ... ANY excuse! Now I'm seeing results and the way I'm doing BT is not life consuming, I am sticking to it really well. I have had enough of being a fat chick. I became really sensitive to people describing someone eg. "You know Rachel, the big girl with blonde hair". I make a point o…

  • When I started BT, they did encourage a vitamin supplement (inclu Omega 3) and a fibre supplement. I bought 'Nature's Own' Multivitamin + Omega 3 Fish Oil and a container of Benefibre. With the Benefibre, I found it very expensive for something that only lasted me a week and a half so I went down to the health food shop and bought Psyllium Husk. It's a natural fibre supplement which you stir about 2 teaspoons in a big glass of water then have another big glass of water afterwards. I've found it …

  • Lea, I really like reading your posts. You are very wise when it comes to the LC living. I 100% agree with you about experimenting with foods and finding alternatives and what suits every individual. Good on you

  • Hey All, Had my weekly weigh in this morning. I weigh myself on the work scales and this morning I woke up a bit late so threw some clothes on and zipped across town to work! Funny thing is, my boss was there who has also done BT so she was quite chuffed with my weight loss this week aswell! Are we still doing the weight chart thing we were doing last week? Anyway, I'll update my details on it. Hope everyones going great name--------start date -----start weight------current weight----lost Puamon…

  • Suzie, the protein bars are 'Atkins' Day Break bars I found in the health food section. I saw there's heaps of different protein bars to choose from but I chose these cos on the back it talked about having only a small amount of carbs etc and that the product can be used in all phases of the Atkins diet. I'm on BT but they are both LC diets. I nibble on about 1 a day when I need a sweet fix!

  • Hi CherieBee, Welcome! You will find heaps of support here on this site. I've found it invaluable. I am sorry to hear about the hardships you have been through with the quake. Good luck with your LC journey.

  • hehe, no worries, we all have days like that lol. I haven't tried the protein shake yet but did also buy some of those bars and they are yummy! good luck!