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  • Re: Breakfast on the run

    3eef - - Breakfast


    that sounds awesome thank you im going to try that

  • Mood on a Low Carb Diet

    3eef - - Low Carb Beginners


    Does anyone else experience mood difference on a low carb diet? I feel I am more focused and clear, but then also more short tempered. I also tend not to sleep as well. Keen to understand if others find this?

  • Breakfast on the run

    3eef - - Breakfast


    Does anyone have any ideas for a quick LC breakfast on the run... I've started a new job recently and just don't have time for my eggwhite omelette anymore. Any ideas? Ideally something I can eat in the car on the way in!

  • I've been following low carb for years. As a cook I've been very inventive to make low carb meals. Making "spaghetti" out of Zucchini and Rice out of Cauliflower. When searching the web this week I found a site called Carb Freedom in Australia and I saw that they had Low Carb Pasta. I ordered the low carb pasta this week and made a spaghetti bolognaise. It was JUST like eating real pasta!unreal! It wasn't cheap at $8.99, but they sent a few freebies in the box and I've ordered so…