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  • I've been INHALING this stuff lately. Anyone else tried it?

  • Brittle Hair and Nails

    bthatch - - Women and Health


    I've heard that coconut oil is great for hair, skin and nails. You can either put it on directly or you could eat it/put it on your food

  • No, there's no type in particular that I'm looking for. I'm just interested in a cookbook that specifically has healthy low fat recipes only. I was thinking of trying Fixate because I've used a lot of Beachbody's workouts but wanted to hear other options. Thanks so much for your recommendations Sherrie!

  • Was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for healthy cookbooks

  • I am going to have to disagree with this. It seems as though it's a very narrow minded analysis of stretching as a whole, focusing on old ways of stretching and not looking at the new found knowledge of what proper stretching is that we have come to know in the past 10 years. Let's start with pre workout stretches. There are 2 forms of stretching and they both have a right time and place. The first is Dynamic Stretching. This form of stretching it what you should do before your workout, your exe…

  • I have been going through Insanity Max:30-… I really liking this workout. My schedule is very busy and I don't have much time to go to a gym. This workout is short enough and intense enough that I am really seeing a difference. The meal plan makes eating healthy really easy. I hope this helps

  • I've done a couple beachbody ones and have gotten nothing but great results. I've only done shaun t ones but I've heard tony horton has great programs as well. Their profiles have a good overview of their programs- Finding one that suits your style of working out is the most important part when choosing, but both of these guys have a positive fitness reputation.

  • I think it is completely different for everyone. I continue to exercise to feel good about myself and just overall health. I think if you have a goal weight in mind, you should work until you get there but continue to eat right and exercise to keep that weight off and still feel great! It's important to have healthy levels, such as cholesterol and blood pressure, but don't feel like you have to look like a certain image. If you have healthy numbers/levels and can exercise regularly without it be…

  • I enjoy doing body pump classes with my wife. I have also tried a couple other Les Mills classes that I really like, but body pump fits into our schedule best. It's nice to work out together, while also being a motivational class setting. All the mirrors and people around you (including the instructor) definitely keeps you from giving up!