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  • for all u lazy bums who can't be bothered working it out it is less than 70g carbs for the whole cake, which, if u cut it into 16 (big slices), it is 4.375g per slice. and it's good for you:D

  • just made this adaptation of some recipes i found. it is really yummy and it's moist, moist, moist. didn't do the icing. it was yummy enough on it's own. hard to believe u r eating something healthy:D put all ingredients in blender and whizz for 2-3 minutes 425g can red kidney beans, rinsed and drained. 4 eggs 3/4C xylitol 1/3 C cocoa powder 1 tspn vanilla 1 tspn baking powder 1/2 tspn cinnamon 3 Tbspns soft butter 1/2 tspn baking soda 1/2 ripe avocado 1/4 tspn salt. put in lined, buttered pan, …

  • well done. try going without the diet coke if u can for a bit longer and just see if it is that. i know it is a habit, but we have quite a few peoples around here who lost that habit so maybe they can give u some tips on replacements for it.

  • Re: Bipolar and grumpy

    donkeybrook - - Women and Health


    sodium valproate is a problem in that it messes with what your body does with the carbs and causes cravings. that is why they have a problem with pt compliance with this drug, BUT low carbing will certainly help the gains to be a lot less. discuss this with your doc and ask him if there is anything else u can try.

  • amen, sister:D have never been a big fan of soft drinks or fruit juices. give me good old water or a fine coffee (read coffee snob) anyday.

  • coles stocks country life breads. bit expensive at 5.50 per loaf, but low carb. one of them is only 18g carb/2 slices and has 15g fibre/2 slices which is the best i have found for fibre.

  • Re: Fructose

    donkeybrook - - Health


    sorry, forgot to add. the real baddie about HFCS is it's chemical composition and what it does to our bodies. if i find it again i will post it for you. it was quite interesting.

  • Re: Fructose

    donkeybrook - - Health


    lots of good websites such as BFFM, Mike Geary, Dr Mercola have some very interesting articles on HFCS and recommend we avoid it like the plague. must say i haven't seen it on many labels. and yes, sherrie, agave is touted as the latest healthy sweetener and even sold in health food stores:confused::( actually, i get quite amazed at the ignorance of health food stores based on what they stock. would love to run one myself. would have trouble stocking the shelves, i think:D

  • i get very grumpy without my caffeine sherrie:( i don't like your research u read:D

  • maybe it's the sweetener cos i have read heaps of reports that say that artificial sweeteners can have the same effect on insulin levels as sugar in some folks. i doubt it is the caffeine as i drink several cups of coffee a day with no probs as do quite a few people i know. just my opinion.:)

  • The HPLC ones taste good and are quite thick. the vanilla one is very nice and the chocolate one tastes good, but is not particularly chocolatey. read the ingredients lists carefully though - u can google that info. personally, i would choose fewer additives, no sugar and then grade them by taste.:) atkins bars have lots of additives, but i haven't read their shake labels. yes, i just did:) they have a couple of additives u may want to avoid such as sodium hexametaphosphate (listed as causing re…

  • my advice?? ditch the diet coke for water:D

  • personally,i don't pay any attention to fat. i eat the fat off chops, peanut butter as a snack, butter on my vegies, evoo on salad, avocado in salad etc. probably eat more animal fats than plant. you def. do need to keep up your calories though. dropping them for a couple of days here and there won't hurt, but consistently eating too few calories will slow your metabolism over time. it's good to mix it up a bit. have more carbs now and then, enjoy a good meal out followed by a couple of low carb…

  • this thread is a great idea and u maintainers are an inspiration even if u don't speak aussie:D can't wait to be here myself. am aiming to be here in June. that's roughly 2 k's a month to lose. well done you losers:)

  • Re: Anti inflammatories and Atkins

    donkeybrook - - Health


    Hi alison. there's a few things u can do which will help, but probably won't get u off the drugs completely. 1st. i'd cut out sugar - it has an inflammatory effect on the body. 2nd i'd cut out grains for the same reason. 3rd. i'd take cherry extract or ginger (available from health food stores and chemists) and 4th i would keep my diet as unprocessed as possible (i.e. avoiding as many additives as possible). all of this will help your problem plus u will lose weight and get into good habits for …

  • my sil had an op years ago to remove a big chunk of her colon. had to go over east for it as the docs here wouldn't do it. she initially lost weight, but is now at least 15-20k's over. her body now compensates for the removed section and is very efficient at getting all the calories she ingests!!! changing our habits really is the only safest way. wishing u all the best and welcome:)

  • was it Karicare sherrie? have never used it, but that's the one that came to mind.

  • i use HPLC by aussie bodies. their vanilla has whey protein concentrate, whey protein isolate, xylitol, stevia, natural flavours, calcium lactate. also mentions that soy lecithin is used to instantise??? whey protein and constitutes less than 2% of the finished product. tastes ok too. has 8g carbs /100g and 72g protein. hope this helps.:)

  • come on u guys. suggestions??????:)

  • personally, i would steer clear of tony ferguson and other shake programs. atkins, bodytrim or dukan, harcombe all seem to work and there are threads on all of these on this forum. drink plenty of water, avoid processed foods and eat plenty of leafy greens, protein and the good fats like coconut oil, olive oil, avocado, animal fats, butter and it is possible to eat well, feel well and lose the weight AND put your pounds towards good food, not shakes:D all the very best. u will find this site int…