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  • blast from the past

    Bubbley - - Low Carb Beginners


    Hi I'm Bubbley, last on poh in 2008 and I am finding it hard to negotiate the site, can you please advise me or is there a special area which tells me all the ins and outs. Don't know if my old atavar is still current and how to add and update a sliding weight loss 'grid'!:confused: I have just received an Atkins quidc start guide booklet (I was on Bodytrim before) and it has a great two week induction plan, which I was hoping to follow for a few months:rolleyes: honest. But have come aross the …

  • Arandal, i think you better take me out of the christmas challenge as i am letting the side down very badly, im keeping your total weight loss down dwon down as im putting on. so if you don't mind i'd appreciate me being deleted. Thanks

  • Im in too, ive been so slow and stand still lately, been in the too hard give up basket, BUT i'm in definitely.

  • Well she has certainly dumped well and truly if i am strictly on the up and up she skirts around up and downing me fractionally and then if i so much as go a very little off course WOW does she do me down. :confused::confused::(:mad:

  • Still stuck in the neverland stayed the same so .4kg up. Sigh Sigh Sigh:eek::eek::eek:

  • Oh LR i feel for you, i was like that on the September Challenge, only opted for 3 kg and did "not a thing" so chickened out on the October one but joined this one and realised that it may have been a mistake because of the "no kitchen" probs. and have actually gained 4gs up to last week this week is likely to be no better, you have done so great on the other challenges, the first to hit 5kgs before the cut off time, are things still down with you?? So much on your side matey, try and keep your …

  • Love the jingles. But i am up by 400g from last week, 600g from my start weight, boo hoo. I am blaming my kitchen, couldn't cook or anything, it has been a real pain in the aaarrrrrrrrssssseeeeeee. So ate out 4 nights and breakies and lunches were awkward too, the fridge and freezer being in one of the bedrooms, no microwave to zap anything, no sink except the laundry, it goes on, so i suppose i didn't do too badly, looks like we wont be back to normal, if ever, until about Wednesday, and then t…

  • Everyone has done so well, can't believe Julie 4.5kgs in a week, woooow. Well only 200gs for me, boo hoo. Anyway anything is better than nothing, have to get back on the high seas in good weather and get out of the low depressions and dark clouds. Could be a struggle next week as my kitchen is being pulled out and replaced with a grand spanking new one, bit hard on the catering, not half, anyway i am really excited about it and a bit apprehensive too. I need to get Julie to send me her meal plan…

  • :eek:Now Nunge you can't sit on the whoosh fairy, pretty please i want some too, what a great effort, yaaaaaaaaahooooooooo

  • We've all got to be so strong, i have so many parties but my own and DH's birthdays in Dec before Xmas and our 20th cut off date!!!!!!!!!! Maybe the only way i'll loose kgs is to get one of the LC Induction maties to slice some fat off me:eek: Anyway GOOD JOURNEY TO THE ISLE OF LOST KILOS EVERYONE:D

  • Ok i need the motivation and much more, count me in, for a 5kg loss, hope for more but that would be fantastic. Would love to be 70kg by then but thats more than 5, I WILL DO MY BERY BEST:D

  • I totally bombed out on the first Sept. Challenge and got too down , but i'll be in the Chrissie challenge, DH and I have B'days in Dec before then so may make me watch the carbs on those days, can only hope!!:D

  • Hi Tracey, just popping in to see how you're doing, looks like very well, although i know you wanted to be 5 kgs down by end of this month, hey you are so focused not much more to go until IVF, I am certainly barr:Dacking the whoosh fairy for you. Cheers and love Bubbley

  • Just sticking my nose in to say wish i was in ther with you but my results are still not good, have even benn thingking of chucking the whole thing in. You are all doing so well it makes me feel sick on my results!! Am having two days way out so will no doubt be up and above the loss last week, ah well i only have myself to bash over the head.


  • Think positive Nunge, you will keep it up ive got confidence in you

  • Golly Gosh you are all doing so well, being chicken i am glad i didn't join in, i think:confused: Wen is up the top there with LilR once again hot on the trail, Sept. Challenge she was unstoppable. I think originally the challenge in Sept. was Wen's idea and it really is so focusing, except for squirts like me, but Hay!!! now im on induction i may catch up, i'll try and lure the whoosh fairy onto my side:D

  • Thanks for the change Sherrie, i have now revealed why.:eek:

  • Could i please have Journey on LC Induction Vessel i know it sounds crazy, all will be revieled:D

  • Hi Sherrie tried that and drop down menu listed Show Printable version Email page Subscribe to this thread Add a poll to this thread no edit thread??:confused: