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  • Low carb actually causes a high fasting read. There was a link to a good article on the Primal forum. Found it here on Hyperlipid. A little extract - the last bit of the article: "Elevated non esterified fatty acids induce physiological insulin resistance and a higher than expected FBG level. A simple switch to higher carbohydrate eating (in myself) allows the normal underlying pancreatic and muscle function to show. It also fits in with the FBG of 3.5mmol/l found in the carbohydrate fuelled nat…

  • I just found out about this yesterday via a friend on a cat forum who has irritable bowel syndrome. She has been prescribed this diet. On reading the info about it I was struck by how low carb it is and how similar to Primal. And it is something WE can all use, if a restaurant hassles you say you are following this for IBS - after all, that's a recognised 'condition', whereas some people really seem to resent a fat person trying to get thin. And of course, it falls into the fructose/lactose into…

  • Many of us have these sort of issues. I have always thought I was never quite good enough due to my mother favouring my older sister. But hey, that's life all over and I finally got over it when I met my partner who is always telling me how wonderful I am. I do still think the man needs glasses but hey!, I'm not complaining. The trick is not to let one slip turn into a binge, cut it short and get back on with the diet. You can do it, you are responsible for what goes in your mouth. Just climb ba…

  • I thought hard about the lapband too and went into it fairly extensively, even looking at afew forums of people who have had it done. This decided me it was not for me (I couldn't afford it anyway) and I am glad. But for some folk it is worth it. Re the loose skin, it is a tough one. SO far mine seems good and I credit this to the fact I am eating high fat, exercisiing nearly every day, and losing slowly - my aim is 20kgs this year and I have lost 10.5 (20.5 from the start in Aug 2011) so am rig…

  • How Much Protein Site

    Analog6 - - Low Carb Living


    Found this useful site with lots of handy hints like lists of protein foos, calculators etc. I don't think it has been featured here before. I'll be using it a fair bit in the future I think.

  • It's great for clearing congestion if you have that cloggy back of throat feeling too, that I get when I have a cold. I would only have one cup a day ever

  • No Morte, just for a wake up drink. I know Sherrie, you either love it or loathe it and I love it!

  • I am thinking of doing a fw protein days, I need a jump start to a bit more loss and a sort of clean out. BUT I like my hot drink in the morning. Will a cup of vegemite in hot water be OK as 'protein only'? 15g (about the amount I have) has 3.9g protein, 0g carbs & 0.6g fat

  • Re: DAY 2 of PO Question

    Analog6 - - Introduce Yourself


    Sounds like 'carb flu'. Some people get this, some, like me, get a massive migraine. I don't know which is worse! Stick with it, things will magically improve in 3-5 days. Replace the metamucil with plain psyllium husks, which are the active ingreient in Metamucil anyway, and far, far cheaper!

  • Re: Atkins Newbie

    Analog6 - - Introduce Yourself


    Welcome! It seems like black magic at first but you will feel so good with it too, as the 'poisons' (as I call 'em) leave your system.

  • Re: Insomnia and Body Trim

    Analog6 - - Health


    I can't make any suggestions, but I do know when I first did low carb my sleep was wors! However, on my no grains Primal regime - moderate protein, high fat, low carb (30-50) - I sleep very well indeed. I always have a cup of decaff with cream and a tiny bit of honey (8gm, worth 7 carbs) at bedtime - makes me nod right off. I do hope at least one of the suggestions here helps you, it must be pure Hell.

  • Re: sweet potato

    Analog6 - - Low Carb Beginners


    If you want a delicious way to eat a green veg - zucchini - get a mandolin slicer and use them as a (strip) pasta substitute. The finer setting makes strips almost as fine as spaghetti, the broad one like fettucine. Just make your favourite sauce and after a light toss of the zucchini in butter in a pan (to heat and soften slightly) plonk 'em in the sauce. Yum yum. I do this with a smoked salmon, red onion & walnut sauce and it is delicious. With strong sauces you won't even taste the zucchini, …

  • Lis, I fiddled a lot with it. I wanted to keep my carbs around 30 per day and initially I had lower fat and higher protein. But I noticed I consistently failed to eat as much proetein as I had set, and at the same time exceeded the fat requirement. So I tweaked for a few weeks til I hit something I am happy with. I use the Cron O meter site (although it is American based) to record because I like the format (you set your own rations under the Profile tab) and it lets me add custom foods such as …

  • Re: Hi

    Analog6 - - Introduce Yourself


    Welcome Gypsy. I went gluten free after discovering - after 2 weeks on Atkins in 2005 - that I was highly gluten intolerant, probable diagnosis coeliac. (You can read all the gory details in my Diary if you wish.) I am now totally grain free - with the occasional naughty indulgence of a few seaweed rice crackers to go under my smoked salmon - and have never felt better. Giving up grains is the best thing I have ever done for my health and all my joint pains, even the ones in my fingers which sta…

  • The whole idea of low carb ( at least the ones I have looked into - Atkins, Protein Power, Primal and Paleo, in fresh vegetables and foodstuffs and avoid packaged goods. Yes, I know some push their own processed goods but the basic premise is still fresh. My main concern would be the aluminium products used in anti caking agents. A good article here and it has an interesting list of links to references at the bottom. I like the last sentences best: "This recent study confirms what many readers a…

  • Sherrie - is it OK to put these here? - if not please do not hesitate to delete. The fantastic benefit of losing all this weight - four pants sizes to date - is that the size 16-18s I had put away to sell now fit, it is my 24-26s I am selling. Yippee! (And I desperately need some new over the shoulder boulder holders so this might help there LOL!) So, without further ado. I will list these, if anyone wants a photo I will be taking them and putting them up on Photobucket, with numbers to match, b…

  • Welcome Lis! I'm eating Primally, which is somewhat like Paleo but not as strict, a sort of modified Atkins to my mind. Lots of meats, fresh vegetables, some fruit (depending how you body responds to it), good oils. I eat no grains or sugars except a tiny bit of honey occasionally. My treat is 85% dark choc. Primal is adjustable - but you stay round the 100-150 carbs on maintenance. It is mod - high fat/mod protein/low-mod carbs. My mix is F 62% / P 30% / C 8% - this will change as I lose & adju…

  • I was curious as to the cost and went and had a look at the website. $149!! They must be raking it in, considering (just my opinion, and absolutely no offence meant to anyone here, we're all just trying to improve our health) it is just a combination of Atkins and Protein Power. Sorry but I think it is a total rip off and they should be shot. I'd rather use the money to buy steaks

  • Re: Woolies fish in a bag

    Analog6 - - Low Carb Living


    Always best to make your own. Good that you found out the ingredients though. Lime juice and dill is yummy with salmon steaks

  • About 25% protein & 65% fat.