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  • I think the woosh fairy may have visited me last night.... but I will wait to see what the scales say tomorrow before I am confirming it, haha. Oh I do really hope she visited, I'm so sick of seeing 97.x on the scales Yes I know, I went up a little from my ticker, but I couldn't be bothered changing it :p

  • Hmm, well we have our friends engagement party easter sat night, and I had already promised myself I was allowed to have hotcross buns and 1 lindt bunny on easter... so I might just be having 1 1/2 free days :p

  • So what's the go with Physillum Husks?? They do contain carbs, but from what I've read it seems as though they don't count because of the fibre content?? So are they ok to use throughout the day for meals?? I altered the pancake recipe slightly - I use 2 eggs, about 2 tablespoons of husks and a dash of water, blended in my mini blender (magicbullet cheapy) and then cook in the frying pan. I add sweetener if needed.

  • Well the scales still haven't budged for me Hurry up... the wedding is really really soon!! Suze, the only suggestion I have about what you posted as your daily menu is perhaps switch to a multigrain bread rather than wholemeal. I was always told that wholemeal has a much higher GI than wholegrain multi. And we want to stick to low GI on BT

  • The main ingredients are eggs and a couple of tablespoons of cream cheese, so to me they are protein. Lots of people seem to sucessfully use cream cheese with BT, so I think they would be fine.

  • Had my free day yesterday, wasn't too naughty. Scales this morning hadn't moved much at all which I guess is a bonus. Perhaps my scales are broken :p They don't seem to want to shift off this one darn kilo! haha. Less than 6 weeks til the wedding now, and I really want to lose a bit more off my hips/thighs before next dress fitting. There is no way a pair of tummy tucker underwear is a good idea in a wedding dress, as the boning on it sits just over my hips, so trying to negotiate a wedding dres…

  • Another one here that has not seen the scales move for about 2 weeks now!! It is TOM at the moment so guessing that prob has a bit to do with it. Hurry up darn kilos, my wedding is creeping up way too quickly!!

  • Quote from stasi: “Hi all, have been playing around with the pancake recipe so i can have as a protein snack. 4 x 54g eggs 4 x tbs vanilla protein powder 3 x tbs cottage cheese 1 x tbs cream 1/2 tsp baking powder 1/2 tsp splenda 6 x tbs water i mix mine together with an electric hand mixer I find it gets rid of the gritty texture you can sometimes get with the psyillium husks. Mix together until mixture thickens up and goes creamy let sit for about 5min makes 7 pancakes at 50g each 100cal, Pro 1…

  • For a yummy addition to the zucchini slice, add some halved cherry tomatoes and some fresh basil

  • Quote from Axis: “Can't remember who it was that made the psyllium pancakes but thought they were gravelly? Anyway, I just made them but cooked them on low heat (so took 5 - 10 mins type thing) and dolloped the mixture into the pan like you would do pikelets. I also added a teaspoon of flax meal to the mixture. QUOTE] Don't think it was me, but I have made these a couple of times now. I don't mind them. I found cooking them quite high until they are JUST cooked was the nicest IMO. I also dont ad…

  • Well done bynes TOM definately affects my weight. I feel much more bloated and can tell I retain a fair bit of fluid

  • Quote from Chelles: “hmmm well i do get as certain amount of play money each month.,.. but hiring a treadmill would cut into my ability to buy shoes and handbags (priorities, priorities) Lol Annnnnd I did um, possibly spend over $500 over the weekend on clothing ” Ahh see, when I'm 'on a weight loss mission' I tend to hold off from buying many clothes as I am hoping they will be too big soon anyway It does help now that I live out in the sticks... quite a drive to the nearest big town with a few…

  • I have tickers

  • The treadmill is great, though it does leave me feeling guilty that I'm not taking the dogs for the walk too! I have started the Couch to 5k program in the past, having the treadmill is great for that. I really need to get back into it... I keep saying tomorrow :o:o If anyone is interested, google C25k

  • Re: Newbie

    Meeza - - Introduce Yourself


    Just wanted to say all the best in the journey ahead... see you in the BT forum

  • Bynes: I bought a cheap cross trainer from Kmart a few years ago. It was so jolty to use, and it quickly became a clothes horse! Last year I spent some $$ on a decent treadmill - so glad I did I would really love a decent cross trainer... but no on the cards for now.

  • Just have to say you guys are doing so well Very motivating! I was little bit naughty yesterday and had a few little spoonfulls of cake and a musk stick (my childhood favourite lolly! lol) at lunch. It was my flowergirl's birthday. Was very good for the rest of the day though.... except for the lack of excercise

  • Re: Hi from SE Victoria

    Meeza - - Introduce Yourself


    Hey Gayle.... B9 here

  • Wow tiipz WELL DONE Only one more post for you and you can put up a ticker :p I'm hopeless at remembering who is who and what people have lost. so tickers help me :p

  • Quote from Tweety: “Forgot to add....does anyone else find it difficult to keep up the water intake and snacks on weekends...or is that just me???:confused: At work it is a lot easier as I just sit at my desk and have a jug of water there to children to distract me I guess... And I finally have a ticker:D:D:D:D” I have found making up 4 600ml water bottles each day for work helps me. I have a pop top lid that I use on them, which is great to help having lots of little sips. Days at h…