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  • Re: New Challenge

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    I hope I'm not too late to join in the challenge. My weight on Monday was 78.7kgs.

  • I didn't buy it Kali, couldn't afford to, so just googled like yourself, and found this thread, and have been working my way thru. If you read back on the last couple of pages you will see that a couple of us have just joined here too, and have probably asked same questions you will. I guess if you want the books/dvds etc its worth joining, but I am happy to 'wing' it with info from the amazing members here. Welcome!

  • Quote from Reen: “Just think how far you've come... wouldn't a snack once have been choccie or cake? Now your little slip up was with something healthy :D, so don't be too hard on yourself, it will work out in the end.” Agreed....don't worry it wasn't a really bad snack...and it was in the evening...near the end of the Those Thai Burgers sound fabulous...thanks for recipes. I got a bike for Christmas so instead of walking went for a half hour bike ride. I nearly died, I lay on sofa for…

  • Welcome Becky, I am in my 2nd week of BT, and RoadTo40 is new too, so you have joined the three musketeers There is so much helpful informtion here, and everyone has made us so welcome, and helped us with so much information, I trulyl appreciate this place for keeping me motivated. Medina I gave in and weighed myself today, and I am back down to my pre-free day weight. So hopefully will have lost more by end of week. I am 77.9 kilos, started off at 79, so still a kilo down. Not losin…

  • Too late I freaked myself out....big time when I got on scales this morning. I won't go back on until end of week like you said. PO today...and will walk later....thanks Medina xx

  • Too late I freaked myself out....big time when I got on scales this morning. I won't go back on until end of week like you said. PO today...and will walk later....thanks Medina xx

  • Re: Body Trim Recipes??? help!!

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    Good idea TRT40

  • Oh poor you Medina Well I had my free day today and had cereal for breakfast, two slices of toast for lunch and a block of chocolate! Afternoon I had a muesli bar, and a McDonalds Snack Wrap. Dinner was Baked Tuna, veggies & Bean Salad, with youghurt and almonds, and one glass of wine. I felt REALLY naughty having the chocolate.....I hooooooooooope I still lose weight this week.....I will be really amazed if this works......*fingers crossed*

  • Welcome here TRT40, those PO days are a killer eh! Is everyone finding once they get onto to days with veggies that their digestive system works better? I am still finding myself getting a little constipated, have some Metamucil to try and help....

  • Hi Jim John, I thought you were in England when I read stone instead of kilos. I am from London originally, been here about 14 years, but can't get used to kilos...still change to stone and pounds to get a rough Had an ok New Years Eve, managed to skull a bit too much champagne, and those carbs will be a killer. I did enjoy myself though Its my 'free day' tomorrow....I am hanging out to eat chocolate...but I feel really worried that I am allowed to eat what I just feels WRO…

  • Well done Medina and thanks for your advice. Can I asked what you have on your free days, for your splurges. Does anyone ever have chocolate!!!

  • do you have those shakes as a snack Licity? I have a question about the 'free' day as mine is coming up on Saturday. What exactly can I have....can I have anything? EG could I have a couple of glasses of champagne and one Its what I sometimes have when I catch up with a friend. We are having Snapper & its not that bad!

  • Oh thanks Kaz25 that makes me feel I often have milk during the day, and don't think it is hindering me.

  • No cheese or milk! Eek I have been having them all week!!! Omelettes and teas/coffees with milk. Oh I am so confused now.

  • Oh thank you for that....I like a lot of those veggies. So avocado is probably out in their book? I saw sugar free greek yoghurts by Tamar Valley in Coles. I bought a couple, they are 8.5gms carbs per serve. They are sitting in fridge, but if people think they are not allowed will give them to someone else! lol

  • Girls a question about coffees out. Can you drink skinny lattes or is the milk counted as too many carbs. Just thought I have been getting those without thinking about carbs being in milk. I don't have sugar. What vegetables are good, especially salad ones?

  • Thanks Charliekat! Will look out for them as an emergency bar if shopping!

  • Oh wow thanks girls so many suggestions....where do you get protein bars and atkin bars...I might look for some of them. I made the Cheesecakes last night, I searched here for the recipe. Not sure if I made them correctly, they were dumpy little things, but tasted so yum.... I am missing fruit a lot, with so many summer fruits around, so strawberries would be good, with maybe some greek yoghurt!

  • Oh some good ideas there. Never had a protein bar....where do you get them from....and what are they called?

  • I just had a huge day shopping and needed to feed kids, so we went to the food court. I looked around looking for something I could eat on BT diet, and found a Zucchini & Bacon Slice at Muffin Break. I tucked into it, and realised 3/4 the way through that it contained a small amount of rice. I was so upset as I have been so good. Does anyone have any tips of what I could have eaten in a food court? Its so carb laden everywhere! I guess I need to be more organised and bring lunch with me....