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  • Re: Starting a walking group

    Kapay - - Low Carb Living


    You are welcome! This week I had to miss walking because of an appointment I couldn't change and it was a real bummer not to see the girls before Easter. Amazing how much we have become friends seeing as we are a very diverse bunch. Much like this forum I suppose - when you get a group of like minded people together anything is possible :D:D

  • Re: Dog day afternoon

    Kapay - - Low Carb Living


    Just posted a thread about starting a walking group that you might be interested in. I felt the exact same way about walking by myself. Thankfully none of the women that joined my group turned out to be crazy stalker people Well none so far !!

  • Starting a walking group

    Kapay - - Low Carb Living


    From another thread I read that some of you would like to get together with others to walk so I thought I would let you know how I started a walking group in my town. A couple of neighbors and I used to walk around our suburb but one moved and the other, who was a nurse, had her shifts changed so couldn't walk with me and I was bored with the same old scenery. What I did was modeled our group on one that I knew of. I put a notice in the free "community billboard" section of our 2 local papers an…

  • Sounds yummy but I am a bit worried, not about the chili sauce, but about the 125 grams of Cashew nuts. According to Calorie King 125g has 37.8 grams of carbs. Even peanuts would be better at 20g for 125g. Might need to skip the nuts and the corn for me.

  • Re: Low Carb Seafood Laksa

    Kapay - - Soup Recipes


    Same here - haven't had Laksa since going low carb. You've convinced me though and I 'll be getting the ingredients tomorrow. Just a thought - what about those new Changs low-cal noodles? Yep gonna try it and I'll let you know. I've had them with lots of other dishes but they are actually crying out for Laksa.

  • That sounds like a tuna/salmon mornay that I make. Back in the old days I added cooked macaroni but now I add small bits of cauliflower (about the size of big macaroni) and it tastes the same and the family dont seem to notice. Dried parmesean (the stuff in the pasta aisle in the supermarket not the good stuff you grate yourself) makes a really nice crunchy topping just like breadcrumbs if you add it to the grated cheese. Yumm!

  • thanks everyone for input. 2kellen2 your suggestion of 1200 calories has done the trick I think. I'm moving on the scales again. And by watching calories I've been able to keep the things I really like, ie the nuts as I drive home from work, and dropping other things ( I find it easy to have a reduced amount at lunch) At least all of the Xmas weight is gone now and a bit of the remainder. 68 kgs here I come

  • Found the Changs super Lo Cal Noodles in my local Coles this time - which is much more convenient to me than woollies. Still next to the other Changs stuff - crispy noodles ect at the end of the pasta isle. Made curry again and used the noodles instead of rice ( I cut it up with the kitchen scissors). Went really good so now I have a stock in the pantry. These ones dont need refrigerating like the asian grocery ones and definitely not as smelly to prepare. Very happy with them. The "Tummy issues…

  • So. I went to Woollies and there they were right were you said they would be. Along with the Asian foods, with the other Changs products. Watch out that you don't get the one that say Gluten Free, you want the Super Lo-Cal noodles (purple pack). Anyway had butter chicken for dinner tonight - my new favorite food because before I used to have cauli rice with curry but you could still taste the cauli. These noodles were the best - no taste of their own and very filling. I did as directed on the pa…

  • Thanks I'm off to the shops

  • Thanks for your input. I'm not sure where to find the 500 calories you suggest. What do you think is my biggest calorie hole? I'm thinking the nuts and the treat/cookie which is usually made from almond meal anyway. This may be a bit hard as I am hungry on the way home from work and that's when I nibble on the nuts. If I don't, I find a sensible dinner is not enough and I overeat or need dessert. I need to find something low cal that I can nibble in the car. Ok I'm off to the fitday website to s…

  • Will have a look in my woolies. What section of the supermarket did you find them.

  • Re: Oopsies or low carb bread

    Kapay - - Low Carb Living


    Hi Patty. I've made the bread that Odille has listed (the first recipe) and found it very nice. Definitely better toasted than fresh. What I did was slice it as thin as I could (about 1cm, it's very dense and filling) an froze it in two slice lots. Then as I wanted it just put the two slices in the toaster and toasted it. Had it with melted cheese and vegimite for breaky and with soup for winter lunches. Worth a try if you're looking for a change.

  • Just did a tally of a typical day including veggies and a cookie on Fitday and it runs to about 1700 calories a day.

  • Hi Sherie, this is the plan I've been on for about three months now and I've lost a bit . Three days a week, my work days, I go almost protein only. I have two eggs and a burger patty for breakfast. So about 150 grams protein. No snack mid morning then lunch is a boiled egg and some cold roast meat about 100 to 150 grams, Mid afternoon I have some almonds (about 10 nuts) then dinner is 150 to 200 grams of steak or chicken and very rarely I have a few veggies. Sometimes if I need dessert I will h…

  • Thanks for the reply's girls. Sherrie, I have tried to mix it up but routine is a terrible thing to fight. Maybe I'm lazy but I am quite happy to eat the same things (all low carb) day after day with not much change, so what seems to happen is that I go all gung-ho for a few days then slip back into my same old routine. Trying but not succeeding very well. At least I'm not gaining. Thanks also Krisma, all good suggestions, I'll try to implement them.

  • I am just bumping this up just on the off chance that anyone can help me. Thanks to Sherrie and Krisma for their posts. Essentially not much has changed in my quest for 68kgs. I'm still sitting on 75 give or take, so not gaining (thank goodness :)) I was actually feeling ok with myself til I saw the photos from Christmas I can see the 7/8 kilos I still need to loose. Just your support is appreciated - thanks

  • Re: Unflavoured Protein Powder?

    Kapay - - Low Carb Living


    I just made an online purchase about 30 minutes ago from They do body building supplements/protein powders etc. There's one thing these body builders know and that's fat loss and protein powders!! I've had about 10 kilos of their PP and its great for recipes. I mix it with diet jelly crystals or cocoa for flavored shakes.

  • Re: Alcohol and Low Carb Eating

    Kapay - - Low Carb Living


    Hi everyone, trust me to come back into the fold on the subject of drinking Haven't posted in months but here I am to add my two cents worth. I'm a wine drinker, started out on reds but changed to white when I read that white is not an aperitif (meaning it doesn't make you hungry). On holidays last year I was introduced to the joys of the Margarita Knowing that the pre-mix stuff and even a true Margarita is very sugary, I have developed my own which is doing very nicely on a Friday night. a nip …

  • Thanks for the replies. I did look at that thread but was hoping there was a bit more detail I could learn. Melly I did post on the BT forum so thanks for both your replies and your time. So thats it? All other Bt rules, except no carb at breakfast. Every, say, Wednesday and Sunday I have cheese or nuts for snacks and add more veggies to breakfast to up calories. And strength training for 30 mins three times a week. I really appreciate your help. These last few kilos are starting to peeve me off…