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  • So much more available to the low career now days... I've starting having this occasionally. It didn't kick me out of ketosis

  • I'm a doofus.. Lol

  • thought I would share my very own tuna mornay, I have a thermomix but you could use any decent blender really. Will put non thermomix in bold italic, this is really delicious and will not kick you out of ketosis Gwens Tuna Mornay Low carb style serves 4.. depends how greedy you are Cauli puree 600 grams of cauliflower 150 grams butter 25 grams water salt and pepper Rice Cauli ( i did this in 2 batches) , add water, pop into Thermy speed 4, varoma temp, 10 (blitz cauli until it resembles rice, st…

  • old but new

    gwenni - - Introduce Yourself


    hi all.. Have been on this forum for such a long time now, of my original 20kg loss I am back up 3kg which I hate, so currently in ketosis and feeling good.. will have a look around and see whats new. gwenni

  • arghhh.. its driving me crazy..Ive relaxed a few of my own exclusions as it is very hard to eat low carb when in countries that dont speak english as a first language and your only in for 4 days, so it can be hard to source low carb stuff, I tried to explain my rules to my MIL bread I said... what does she prepare for dinner that night... a dinner made with large amounts of bread ... i ate one.. then my partner told me what it was.. I didnt eat more.. .. I guess Im asking is have others fac…

  • yum.. how bout a bit of parmessan and a few herbs.. delicious

  • Re: Lowcarbers for life

    gwenni - - Low Carb Living


    Thanks for the link here Sherrie, was reading an article by Kresser recently (ill try and find it)…ted-fat-are-not-the-enemy the link is part of a 4 part series.. which I thought was interesting reading, one of which claims eating beef that is raised on seed and grains.. tends to make your cholesterol higher than beef feed on grass.. interesting thought.. what on earth are they putting in the cow feed these days? One can only imagine...... a little about me and my …

  • Update..

    gwenni - - Introduce Yourself


    Well its been 2 years since i started my own low carb journey.. Im pleased to say that from the original 10kgs I lost, in 2 years I'm still within 1kg of that weight. I continue to eat low carb but dont follow any set diets or WOE. Just by swapping pasta and bread and only eating rice (who can resist risotto forever?) occasionally, Ive been able to maintain a healhier lifestyle. I do have bad days and I still drink too much wine/cider but I'm still working at making MY body healther. Im still of…

  • kinda makes sense to me that the carbs in lentils, pulses and beans are naturally occuring.. other than the pulverised wheat seed that gets bleached, steamed and dried then made into a gloopy mess that has other additives.. Id swap it in a nanosecond just keep and eye on the quantity

  • Dont forget you can have smoked chicken, you can buy it from the deli in most supermarkets, although I smoke my own as I know whats gone into the smoking process (you can use a hooded bbq for this) and then freeze a breast fillet to have over 2 meals.. it tastes delicious

  • Re: Body Trim Related Qns.

    gwenni - - Low Carb Beginners


    That sauce sounds delicious.. you could still have it over say broccoli, cauliflower, swede, kohl rabi, or a mix of it all.. and still low carb.. really who needs potatoes?.. lol.. last night I used cabbage instead of pasta .. still delicous.. low carb and filled me up

  • Ok, so i got some of this bread delivered, pretty Damn expensive stuff let me tell you but on first's not bad, very Germanish style, dense and seedy. My partner who is German says it's like a light pumpernickel.. Will trial my loaves and see how my sugars go. Sherrie i made my own bread for so long but I'm over it and need a rest from it. I don't think I'm gluten intolerant but i certainly got an upset tummy with the wheat gluten and couldn't stand the smell..almost needed a peg on my n…

  • I'm confused.s it low carb or not?

  • I've used Diego's for a long time and used them for wraps and lasagna sheets, they are also nice sprayed with olive oil,sprinkled with black pepper and baked in a hot oven for 20 min great use for a cracker for dip

  • My local IGA has every variety...super stocked

  • the crackers from Actigirls site are fabulous as well

  • Im on Metformin as well, It is known to give people the trots for a while but your body will get used to it. You wont hypo with metformin alone but may with the Diamicron, Add some more protein and fat to your diet while you cut carbs, as morte said. You will see the benefits. when you get a bit high after a meal, go for a short walk, even on the spot. You will see your BSL's start to go down instantly.

  • A few nights ago.. I made a pseudo "creamed rice" with my chopped up changs with a lovely creamy sauce with cinnamon.. gosh it was delicious

  • Re: Bloody dieticians

    gwenni - - Diabetes and Low Carb


    Initforlove, I think you would probably get some half decent advice, you have some pretty big food allergies and alot of what your allergic to is hidden in food. With luck you can get some advice on foods to avoid or those you can eat without issue. It wont hurt to go to at least one appointment, maybe see if your Dr can set you up with a Care Plan, which will give you 5 appointments for no cost or low cost. You dont have to take their advise but you just never know they could help. xx

  • Nah havnt but its very similar to the hotcross bun recipe.. I used Gabi's original and tweaked and tweaked, because of the gluten, I found the original too rubbery, so I have played around so much with it, nothing resembles the orignal really.. Im out for the day but can send it to you when I get back if you like. gabi's bread recipe found here