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  • Hi all, i to am getting back on the BT Band wagon starting tomorrow. BT was very sucessfull for me i went from 79kgs to 60/61kgs however we relocted back in february & to my horror i have gained 8-9kgs:eek:. I know bt works & will make it work again. should be back down to the 60/61kgs within the month or 2 i hope.

  • Re: Question for the Body Trimmers

    Suzie - - Low Carb Living


    Quote from karolinn: “Sherrie, In regards to consipation, I do go if I take fiber supplement, but was wondering if I always need to do this in order to go?” Hi Karolinn I use to be the same. I never took anything but in the end it all worked itself out. Regards Suzie

  • Re: this is me :)

    Suzie - - Introduce Yourself


    Hi & Welcome I am sure that if you keep focused you will be able to loose a considerable amount in 11 weeks. Good for you taking the first step. I truely believe that bodytrim is a godsend. I dont see it as a diet but a change of lifesytle & an easy one to stick to. GOOD LUCK! look forward to reading your success along the way. Start a diary in the members diary section. I found this helped to keep me honest with the foods i ate & alos a great way to vent & the support from fellow memebers on th…

  • No worries, glad you were able to let them know. I know they'll be lost without, you provide such great support & clean advice.

  • Quote from melly845: “I just wish I could have let some of my BT girls on the forum know what happened so they don't think I disappeared into thin air. If anyone who sees this also posts on the BT forum can you please let me know so that hopefully I can get you to pass on a message for me? Thanks in advance for any help.” Hi Melly I have a log in to the bodytrim forum if you let me know who i have to contact i can let them know for you

  • name-------start date ----start weight---current weight--lost--last updated Puamonxi-----21st March----94.1kg--------89.7kg---------4.4kg PUMEY-------19th march----86 kgs---------84kgs---------2kgs Dubetu--------19 March -----114kg ---------111kg --------3kg Lisamacdaddy--15 march-----95.7kg---------91.7kg--------4 kg Suzie----------13 March------79kgs---------60.9kgs------18.1kgs--17/08/11 Lollyponpon----21st March----88.9kgs--------79.5kg--------9.4kg---28/07/11 Rangitamoe----21st March----101…

  • name-------start date ----start weight---current weight--lost--last updated Puamonxi-----21st March----94.1kg--------89.7kg---------4.4kg PUMEY-------19th march----86 kgs---------84kgs---------2kgs Dubetu--------19 March -----114kg ---------111kg --------3kg Lisamacdaddy--15 march-----95.7kg---------91.7kg--------4 kg Suzie----------13 March------79kgs---------61.6kgs------17.4kgs--17/08/11 Lollyponpon----21st March----88.9kgs--------79.5kg--------9.4kg---28/07/11 Rangitamoe----21st March----101…

  • Quote from CharlottesRoses: “I've been doing amazing for 3 weeks till I just ate almost a box of lcm bars... And I don't even like LCMs! Wow, binge eating or what?” Hi CharlottesRoses That made me laugh (you don't even like LCMs), i can relate to that...been there done that lol. Just put that in the past & back on the BT wagon you get

  • Quote from Sherrie: “LOL I should add unless the recipe is American!” lol, i really had no idea, just trusting good old google.......

  • Hi & Welcome Spoon You will find lots of great support on this forum. Feel free to ask any questions you may have as i have been on Bodytrim since march & am hoping to start maintenance next week. Regards Suzie

  • Quote from flipside2010: “Hi there Can anyone tell me how many splenda tabs equal a tablespoon of sugar? I'm trying to modify a recipe and wasn't sure how much to use. Thanks, Annie” Just goggled, 3 teaspoons = 1 tablespoon so isnt 1 tablet of splenda = to 1 teaspoon therefore 3 tablets = 1 tablespoon


    Suzie - - Motivation & Resolve


    Quote from flipside2010: “Great article, Suzie. It does explain a lot about why fluctuations occur. Its still not going to stop me weighing myself everyday though! I've been feeling a untethered not being able to weigh myself since my scales broke. I'm on my way to Kmart to find a new set. Do you have any recommendations about what I should buy? Annie” It doesn't stop me either but it gives me a clearer indication of whats going on. I too use to freak out coz i couldn't weigh myself when mine br…

  • Quote from MCAP: “Right, determined to get off this plateau - I'm going to force myself to have a 3rd snack and get the butt moving... hopefully the scales will tell a different tale next week!” Can't wait to see if it works.

  • Quote from MCAP: “Thanks for the info Suzie Well a typical day for me... Brekkie: 2 eggs scrambled Snack: 50g Ham Lunch: Small tin of tuna (in either Springwater and oil) with lettuce/ tomato/sprouts Snack: 50g Chicken (Deli meat) Dinner: 100g Meat (Chicken/ Pork/ Lamb/ Beef) grilled, with brocolli, cauliflower dressed in a bit of olive oil. I rarely have the 3rd snack cause I'm never hungry, I always try to have 2-3 litres of water. I had a bit of a blow out on my freeday the week before last -…


    Suzie - - Motivation & Resolve


    Just stumbled across this post. What a great read. Arrrrr now i understand :p Quote from deenalicious: “I think this article is worth a look WHY THE SCALES CAN LIE: We've been told over and over again that daily weighing is unnecessary, yet many of us can’t resist peeking at that number every morning. If you just cant bring yourself to toss the scale in the trash, you should definitely familiarize yourself with the factors that influence its reading. From water retention to glycogen storage and …

  • Re: Hi all!

    Suzie - - Introduce Yourself


    Hi Bubba lou You will be fine! I am sure that the lady at work will help you along the way. You will find that having this diary will help heaps. I use mine to keep me honest. There is so many fantastic members on this forum whom are always willing to help out where/when ever they can. Good luck!

  • Quote from bubba lou: “Hi Suzie, Any tips on hitting the 10,000 steps a day? I walk to and from a carpark to work (about 2km a day) and just general around the office and home stuff. Went for a luchtime walk today with a colleague which will help. I'm not in a really safe neighbourhood to go out walking on my own. If i do other exercise (swimming/bike riding) will this count ??” I really don't think that i have EVA made the 10,000 steps (i don't own a pedometer either) however i do go for extra …

  • Without knowing what you consume its hard to tell you what to take out or what your over eating but if your having bread at breakfast you could try cutting that out. Just make sure that you are drinking all the required water & that you are getting the 10,000 steps in per day. Regards Suzie

  • Ok I'll copy in exactly what the book says: Why you have hit a plateau: If you have hit a plateau, do not worry, read through the following cheaklist: Have you been: Living by the 3 hour rule with regard to meal frequency? Making sure your snacks are protein only. Remember 3+3 = fat free. Mixing protein shakes with milk instead of water? Having fruit after breakfast? Not drinking at least 2 litres of water a day Having alchohol? Having potatoes, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, corn, peas as part of a v…

  • Quote from Thomsy: “Hi All im new to the forum and new to bodytrim, i am struggling with protein only days with ideas on what you can eat, can anyone help with some ideas” Welcome Thomsy Some things you could try, deli meats, canned tuna(flavoured if you like), eggs, bacon, chicken ,lamb, steak, pork etc if you go to the recipe section of bodytrim diet 2 thread there are recipes for cheescakes & portein bars that you can make but only have a few times a week