Yipes ...

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    • ... why didn't I know?

      I have been surfing the web for info on low carb diets and the info I have found terrifies me. I have always been relative active but my addiction to carbs is something I had not expected.

      Anyway, the breakfast cerials have gone, along with the wheat germ, pasta and the breads along with couscous and brugal. Have loaded the fridge with eggs and butter and cream and bacon and philly cheese all of which I had thought were no-nos to a healthy diet. Downloaded menus and recipes and read a few blogs and bought a larger mixing bowl.

      Cheeeeze ... Even my so-called healthy heart foundation recipe book and my taste-of-life bible are bonkers.

      This has been a revelation.
    • Re: Yipes ...

      OK ... I know its been a while since I posed so I guess its time for an update.

      When I seriously started to think about my weight I decided to go the paleo way so my apologies to those who adhere to other diets.

      I started some 18 months ago after learning that no matter how hard I exercised, I was at the gym three times a week and swim 1.5 - 2 k ever other day, my weight remain glued to something over 83 kg. My gym instructor had a quiet word that changed my life - literally.

      I started with a three day fast during which time I threw out all the junk food and drank water with lemon floating in it .... for three days. I was told that on the 2nd day I would know it was working if I woke up with a headache. I did. On the morning of the 4th day I started my pale diet - mainly vegetables with good quality meat. No more sugar. In six weeks I lost 7 kg while keeping to my exercise regime.

      Since then I have lost more and now nudging passed 70 kg.

      The biggest problems were two - snacks and how to make salad taste attractive.

      Snacks are nuts and dried fruit which I leave in a bowl on the table to nibble at whenever I feel I need something.

      To dress up a salad I use Balsamic vinegar, olive oil and squeezed lemon juice. I also put vinegar in my drinking water which is really refreshing. Generally I stir fry veggies with spices at night with some meat/fish/fowl and have eggs for brekky with stir fried veggies. I find my consumption of veggies has soared and my taste has changed where I can taste added sugar even before it hits my mouth.

      Now science is telling us about the benefits of good bacteria in the gut which keeps up healthy. And by far the worst thing to kill good bacteria is sugar. I even eat fruit in moderation.

      Want to loose weight? Don't eat sugar - that's what killing Westerners. Even bread has added sugar.