Im Gonna Try BodyTrim! :D

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    • Im Gonna Try BodyTrim! :D

      Hi, Im Mal.
      Okay i know most of you who see this will be like, omg shes only 14. (Yes im 14) But im really keen on losing weight. Im very overweight and have recently had an injury from basketball. I have about 9 months until i can get back to my passion on basketball and dancing but first, i thought about it, and now is the perfect time to lose the extra weight :) I weigh 98 kilos and im only 14, its sad i know. My height is 173 cm. I have always tried those stupid body rap things thinking i will drop off kilos which it never happens. I always look at people and think wow. Why cant i be like that, i never do anything about it but think that suddenly it will just come off.
      My mum recently purchased bodytrim with all the cd's and booklets and i wanna give it a good try! ( for real this time). I came on here for a little bit of support and help, and also inspiration. Im starting my detox tomorrow. :)
    • Re: Im Gonna Try BodyTrim! :D

      Hi Mal - While reading your post I had already decided to encourage you to eat healthy low carb foods & then I read your Mum has purchased BT. I'm not sure if BT is suitable for someone who is still growing & I know Sherrie will answer this - do not be offended I am usually wrong. Stay on here & we will give you support & help where we can.
    • Re: Im Gonna Try BodyTrim! :D

      Welcome Mal :)

      I'm no nutritional expert nor am I a Dr, mind you I've read stories from members here such as LC Dave whose doctors put them on very low calorie shake diets when they were your age which is much worse.

      Personally, this is likely your first ever diet, I would prefer you start on something less calorie restrictive, say Atkins induction for 2 weeks to kill those cravings then straight away increase carbs in increments to find your level where you can still lose at then once done go onto maintenance.

      BT is a lot lower in calories another thing that concerns me is the free day is that it might set up a binge habit for you.

      Anyway you have our support either way but if you do BT don't be so restrictive with it, allow some cheese and cream (unless your dairy intolerant) etc

      Have you always had a weight problem or is this since your injury?
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      Let me know if you think of anything else handy from the site to put here.
    • Re: Im Gonna Try BodyTrim! :D

      Hi Mal, Good on you darling.....I think it is great that you are taking responsibility for your weight and doing something positive about it.....don't forget to do some exercise if you can, walking is great to start off with.....and you will get lost of positive encouragement from hanging around this forum....Looking forwared to getting to know you and reading about your journey....Goodluck with your detox....
      Mantra for 2014.....YOU CAN DO IT, NEVER GIVE UP! :cheer:
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    • Re: Im Gonna Try BodyTrim! :D

      Congratulations, on making a positive decision. I have been on body trim for 11 weeks now and have lost 11.5kgs, even though i seemed to have stalled at the moment. Its not a crazy food and exercise regime, so there shouldnt be too many problems even for you at 14, the only thing is you might need extra calories or snacks as you are probably still growing. Good luck with it all, and please keep us posted.
    • Re: Im Gonna Try BodyTrim! :D

      thank you for your words of encouragement, its just the usual, ie protein bars, cans of tuna and chicken, stirfry with magic noodles etc, but i discovered Peters low fat sugar free icecream, totally deliscious and allowed!!! it doesnt taste exactly like their usual icecream, more like frozen custard but YUM!!!! that and the jelly, ricotta, cheesecake things are great for any sweet cravings i get :)